Signal Identity Discovery

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Signal Identity Discovery by Mind Map: Signal Identity Discovery

1. Group Games

1.1. Visioning Game

1.1.1. Prep We rotate from person to person, so each person has a short ant of time to prepare next answer. It is five years in the future. Each participant gives one sentence that begins with "A frequent, visible sign that [project] has changed the world is..." Example: "A sign that Wikipedia has changed the world is that children in developing countries have access to more knowledge than the president of the united states did a decade ago." Example: "A sign that Facebook's has changed the world is that people will know how many friends they have in common instantly when meeting." (a confluence of many features: social graph, mutual friends, mobile, search, etc)

1.1.2. Play Perry Socializing has become more like a festival. Your socializing is that you just go wander. You just go around, and this person is here and this person is there and you can just walk around. Your city becomes a festival. You never have to text where are you Never eat alone if you don't want to Specialized messaging There will be parties on the street and things will be super mobile Hottest food trucks to be at Mary Anne People will fall out of contact with other people less, because it will be easier to maintain contacts. People go over to other people's houses more Josh There will be more events and more events attended. Social organizing tool. Flash mobs, protests, others Enable more popup business. Larger sizes of tables at restaurants become more common Have a more common living space because they host people more often Became a marketplace to use on demand services Cecile People do things more often in pairs, that they used to do alone. I don't have to plan three days in advance before the weekend. Calendars go out of business People's location becomes important for people to share There is always something going on around you Create more bonds More carpooling Running to the grocery store, everyone at the office lets you know what you want. Increased collaboration Group More spontaneous ridiculous shit goes on! Illegal shit can happen without it blowing up More introverts are hanging out with people and planning, because they don't need to commit to things Signal celebrities because they are always on the good shit Verified signal event organizers Unintended negative consequences?

1.2. On The Spot Game

1.3. Persona Game

1.3.1. Prep Participants are separate or in small groups Participants form sentences using this format: "I am a [PERSONA] and I want [project] because [MOTIVATOR]. Example: I am a lawyer and I am excited to use LawGives because it will help me be more efficient in my pro bono work.

1.3.2. Play

1.4. Freeform Convo

1.4.1. What is important for me to know Radio Tower element visual with beams coming out. Spotlight. Light switch(ON) Cat with a cat tail with a signal coming off

1.4.2. What is the personality of this thing? Is it more Uber, Lyft, Gmail? Playful side of snapchat but with some of the finesse of secret. Feels like you are playing but playing with an adult toy. You can tell an adult made it, even though it was made for kids. Cute and playful Lyft is another good App to base off of. Clean, playful, and professional. Vine is bright and light, but relatively sharply made. Tinder Facebook Messenger - flourishes are nice Paper - Details around interactions are careful and well done. Path has a great feel in the sense of paper as well. Not a fruit cake!

2. Solo Games

2.1. Freeform Convo

2.1.1. Play Perry This has been tried before, why hasn't it worked? 2007 Tagalong app photo upload that lets someone know where you're going to be His Brother was saying it would be great if we had something that said when and where his friends were going to be hanging out. Josh

2.1.2. Mary Anne Going to school close by after moving to SF and being around other people when I have kids in the future it can help keep a network going. We can prevent awkward run ins. I have friends on my radar, but I feel that a lot of time it is difficult to meet up and really hang out. Getting a chance to actually hang out. Being able to see people with less effort.

2.1.3. Cecile How did you get involved in the project and interested? Perry said he had two ideas for apps. Slowly I transitioned into helping. I work sometimes more and sometime less - I am kind of a contractor.

2.2. User Experience

2.2.1. Play Perry What gets them to open the app?

2.2.2. Josh What is your first experience with Signal? I'm out at the bar, It's a Friday night. I'm at my first event of the night. I wonder what all my friends are doing tonight. A friend says, you should check out signal, it'll show you what all your friends are doing. Then the site will say this is what signal is for, so that you can see what your friends are doing. Then you download the app, and you can create an event with how long it is, where it is, and what it is, and who you want to share it with I frequently feel like I'm not seeing my friends, and I let my friends know about Signal. Then my friends let their friends know about Signal. Downloaded Signal, now why do I keep using it? Friends of Friends invites? I can't invite somebody to someone else's signal

2.2.3. Mary Anne I am working it's around 3 or 4 my friend has set her signal for an evening event. Maybe it's been a while since we have hung out. I get a text message that says download such and such app to view. Other apps that try to accomplish the same thing? Pickle - Horrible UI Hotspot - well designed and clean but it just felt weird. Why did that feel weird? The personality was off. It had example things of what you were doing and they were mildly offensive.

2.2.4. Cecile Why will this work and why haven't others worked? She has in the back of her head that it is possible that it would fail, but maybe not. What is new for you and exciting? UX design is new to me and I like it I'm in a bar what happens? I'm at home or working from home. I have one hour from lunch, but I have a lot of friends in the neighborhood I wish there was some App that could show me if there were friends around in the area. There is a challenge here to get the app. It has the most value for the person who sends it. How do you convince the other to use the app? The text needs to really memorable Josh signal says it's awesome you gotta download signal. You download signal and you are out in a few nights and Josh invites you to something. I would see a picture of Josh the location on the map, what he is doing in a few words, and then I would decide if it's close or what. Then what happens?

2.3. Concision Game

2.3.1. Prep Participants are separated Each participant answers each question using one (non-run-on) sentence. The aim is to be comprehensive and concise. They can think about the answer for 30 secs before giving it.

2.3.2. Play WHY Why does the world need [project]? Why are you personally working on this? What is the most important problem [project] is solving? How will your community / the world have changed in five years if [project] is successful? WHAT What is [project]? Why is [project] invaluable to those who use it? What makes [project] different from other similar projects? HOW Why is your team uniquely qualified to succeed at what you're setting out to do? How will [project] acquire users/members?

2.4. Adjectives Game

2.4.1. Prep Participant generates a list of one-word adjectives that describe [project]. Then they prioritize them.

2.4.2. Play Project Perry Josh Mary Anne Cecile Team/Company Perry Josh Mary Anne Cecile

2.5. Metaphor Game

2.5.1. Prep Participant tells us what [project] is in the following contexts. The sentence should be formed like: "[project] is a METAPHOR because REASON."

2.5.2. Play Appliance found in a kitchen Perry Josh Mary Anne Cecile Plant, animal, or living system (anything organic) Perry Josh Mary Anne Cecile Body part Perry Josh Mary Anne Cecile City Perry Josh Cecile

2.6. Child Game

2.6.1. Prep Micah acts like a little child and asks the person to explain the project to them

2.6.2. Play Perry I work in technology and I'm building an app. I build apps for the phone You can build things to talk to other people (like in the sandbox?) What if you wanted to have more friends? If you could have more friends in the sandbox wouldn't you like that? Im building this thing so mommy and daddy can know that you are at school. You can tell them you are in the sandbox and I'll be there til 2. Josh I make an app for your phone called signal Angry birds? No it helps you play with your friends. It helps me play with stephanie or tommy? Mary Anne You know the apps you play with on your phone? Like angry birds? I make those! Instead of the apps that waste your time like angry birds, I make a different kind of fun app that is useful. Is it like useful? No. What does it do? Cecile I am working on an app. Oh ya? Like angry birds? Like that but you do other things and it's an app to help you meet other people.

2.7. Current Brand

2.7.1. Play Perry Why signal? Pros Why Signal? Cons Mary Anne Why Signal? Pros Why Signal? Cons Cecile Signal is boring as hell!

2.8. Haiku Game

2.8.1. Prep Participant writes a Haiku poem about [project] (5 syl, 7 syl, 5 syl).

2.8.2. Play Josh We solve your problems, but only if you let us, it's symbiosis Perry I want to grab brunch should I signal to my friends or eat by myself Cecile When I have an hour, and I cannot stay in place, are my friends around? Mary Anne I feel so lonely, I signal from my home screen, my friends in real life

3. Inbox

3.1. Josh

3.1.1. "I don't think being alone is bad, I think being lonely is bad."

3.2. Micah notes to self

3.2.1. Josh is edge case extravert?

3.3. Should I know anything in particular? Yes, an App should do a small amount of things really well. Dead simple!

3.4. Side note angle - This can be the stand in app for when people are detoxing on facebook


4. Introduction

4.1. The end goal of this process is an "identity brief."

4.2. Think of this like a "brand wireframe."

4.3. It's useful to gather info separately because it makes it clear where people are in sync and where there's divergence.

4.4. Some of these may seem ridiculous, but I don't do process for process sake. It all has a purpose.