Darfur: How Could we Have Helped?

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Darfur: How Could we Have Helped? by Mind Map: Darfur: How Could we Have  Helped?

1. The Government in Darfur didn't want their people to have any rights

1.1. Because of this tension, this caused the country to begin fighting.

2. The Janjaweed were hired to kill off all the people who disobeyed, or had different ideas than them

2.1. This was the start of the genocide, but nobody was there to help the people of Darfur.

2.2. Instead, the world stood back as the people of Darfur were slaughtered constantly.

2.3. Why, didn't the world want to help these people, and how come didn't anyone come to their aid, when they were in great need of help.

3. The UN finally stepped in, in 2010

3.1. It took the UN so long to get involved because they had been associating with the president of Darfur who had been saying that everything was under control in his country.

3.2. But, the UN later found out just how bad the situation was, and that they needed to send in more peacekeepers.

4. In 2004, the crimes being done were finally considered a genocide

4.1. The fighting had been going on for how many years longer, and it took countries this long to recognize that a genocide was really happening.

4.2. Countries didn't want to become involved because it was a crime that was being done across the world, and the cost was extremely high to bring in troops.

5. In 2006, the United States doubled their troops in Darfur

5.1. Of course this help was good, but it came way too late. The country was already in the middle of a huge genocide.

5.2. With the United States adding more troops, it negatively impacted Darfur by this point, because now even more killing was happening, between the Janjaweed, the people of Darfur, and the troops.

6. In 2007, even more peacekeepers were sent to Darfur

6.1. Because the situation just kept becoming worse and worse, more peacekeepers were sent in, even though they weren't advised or wanted in Darfur.

7. Canada pledged aid to Darfur, and help to bring peace.

7.1. Canada, didn't want to get involved because they realized how tough it would be, but also some of the government parties didn't want to be involved in two different combat missions.

8. Canada was also the second highest contributor for donating money

8.1. Even though Canada gave a lot of money to Darfur to help them, it came too late and at that point so many people had been killed.

8.2. Canada didn't want to get involved because, the Darfur government didn't want help from other countries. As-well Canada is seen as a peacekeeping country, so getting involved would go against what Canada is known for. Through all the killing that was going on.

8.3. Canada also didn't want to get involved because, we were already involved in Afghanistan, and they knew how hard it would be to get involved in a genocide.

9. But, all this help came way too late!

10. It was good that help eventually came but why did this take so long to happen

11. In the end, people did help the victims of Darfur, but the help came way too late. Countries didn't want to get involved from reasons because of military ties, leaders being involved with Darfur's government, or because of other military ties taking up a countries time, and money to help. The UN finally stepped in, but it wasn't until a huge number of people had already been killed. Also, for many people standing up would get them killed if they lived in Darfur, but around the world people were too scared to help out the country of Darfur.