Research Tools By: Nader Ale Ebrahim

This Mind Map is designed to help students who seek to reduce the search time by expanding the knowledge of researchers to more effectively use the "tools" that are available through the Net. © 2010 - 2015 Nader Ale Ebrahim

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Research Tools By: Nader Ale Ebrahim by Mind Map: Research Tools  By: Nader Ale Ebrahim

1. (1) Searching the literature

1.1. Keyword

1.1.1. Keyword Tool Google Keyword Tool WordTracker Microsoft adCenter Labs Bing Ads Intelligence iSpionage keyword tool boardreader Example Good Keywords social mention

1.1.2. MASTER KEYWORDS LIST ACM keywords list in computer science Journal of International Business Studies Design Studies Medical Subject Headings Librarian of Congress Embase

1.1.3. Word frequency Keyword density analyser SEOBook WordItOut

1.1.4. Word Visualization Create word clouds – WordItOut Word Cloud Generator Turn your spreadsheet into a map Microsoft Power BI IBM Many Eyes StatPlanet Open Knowledge Maps

1.1.5. Trends Google Trends

1.2. Semantic search

1.2.1. Semantic Scholar

1.2.2. Microsoft Research

1.2.3. Explore scientific papers (AI)

1.2.4. Scinapse, Adacdemic Search Engine

1.2.5. The Lens

1.3. Publish or Perish

1.3.1. The Predictive Power of the H-Index

1.4. Web of Science

1.4.1. Times Cited

1.4.2. Analyze Results Document type Country Conference title Author Publication Year Citation Report Eigenfactor™ Score(EF)

1.4.3. Web of Science® Training

1.4.4. Research Front Map

1.4.5. List of all the cited works in Web of Science.

1.4.6. Add the Web of Knowledge search widget to your desktop

1.4.7. The new Web of Knowledge platform

1.4.8. Web of Science has a Chrome browser plugin

1.5. Other Search Engine

1.5.1. Visual Search Engines Kartoo Webbrain RedZ Reverse Image Search Engine

1.5.2. Meta-search engines Dogpile Fefoo Yippy QuadSearch

1.5.3. Ebook-PowerPoint-pdf search-engine ebook-search-engine Library Genesis Sci-Hub PowerPoint Search download-book pdf-seek-engine Google Books SlideShare China/Asia On Demand (CAOD) pdfgeni Search-ebooks E-doc-find Download Free PDF Cari Buku Baru Free Australian e-Books Computer Science books eBook Search © 2010 BitLibrary Book Finder Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg Full-Text Access PDF Drive The Open Research Library

1.5.4. Computational knowledge engine WolFramalpha

1.5.5. 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web

1.5.6. World Digital Library

1.5.7. Comprehensive list of Search Engines

1.5.8. List of academic databases and search engines

1.5.9. Academic and Scholarly Search Engines


1.5.11. CompleteSearch

1.5.12. iSEEK™ Education

1.5.13. LEGAL RESEARCH TOOLS Lexis Nexis Academic HeinOnline Westlaw

1.5.14. Fundraising Grant Forward Pivot COS

1.5.15. DuckDuckGo

1.5.16. Science Hub

1.5.17. SciFinder

1.5.18. Chrome+Firefox extension finds openaccess versions of paywalled articles

1.5.19. #CanaryHaz

1.5.20. Academic search engine for paper

1.5.21. Get The Research

1.6. Other DataBases

1.6.1. Scopus Analyze Results feature

1.6.2. Scopus TopCited

1.6.3. JSTOR's Data for Research (DfR) Tips and Tools

1.6.4. JSTOR

1.6.5. SSRN eLibrary

1.6.6. Directory of Open Access Journals

1.6.7. J-Gate

1.6.8. Cranfield Collection of E-Research - CERES

1.6.9. SciVerse

1.6.10. The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

1.6.11. CiteSeerX

1.6.12. WorldCat

1.6.13. List of academic databases and search engines

1.6.14. Medknow Publications

1.6.15. CABI

1.6.16. Free medical journals

1.6.17. List of Open Access Journals and Databases

1.6.18. SAGE journals online

1.6.19. University Library of Munich-MPRA

1.6.20. on-line Economics working papers

1.6.21. RePEc (Research Papers in Economics)

1.6.22. Scientific Information Database (SID)

1.6.23. PubZone-Basic search for publications

1.6.24. OpenSIGLE - System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe

1.6.25. © Q-Sensei

1.6.26. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

1.6.27. A collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science

1.6.28. Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR)

1.6.29. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

1.6.30. Scientific Information Database(SID)

1.6.31. Databases for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

1.6.32. Institutional Repository Search

1.6.33. CORE (COnnecting REpositories)

1.6.34. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

1.6.35. Scirus

1.6.36. Crossref

1.6.37. China Knowledge Resource Integrated

1.6.38. SciFinder

1.6.39. Scilit

1.6.40. Dimensions

1.6.41. Open Knowledge Maps

1.6.42. Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

1.7. Theses and Dissertations

1.7.1. ADT Database

1.7.2. University of Malaya Theses and Dissertations

1.7.3. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database

1.7.4. Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

1.7.5. Top 30 Web Tools to Search, Download and Review Dissertations Online

1.7.6. The Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

1.7.7. Compare

1.7.8. Index to Theses

1.7.9. Cranfield Collection of E-Research - CERES

1.7.10. University of Pretoria's electronic theses and dissertations service (UPeTD)

1.7.11. Durham University e-Theses


1.7.13. Aalto University Schools of Technology electronic academic dissertations

1.7.14. Polytechnique Montréal

1.7.15. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

1.7.16. Search all digital Australian theses via Trove

1.7.17. Doctoral Theses-Biblioteca Digital de Teses

1.7.18. ITS Library

1.7.19. Open Access Theses and Dissertations

1.7.20. Theseus - Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences

1.7.21. HCMIU Thesis

1.7.22. Thesis commons

1.8. University Portal

1.8.1. University of St. Gallen

1.8.2. Forschungs Portal

1.9. Patent searching

1.9.1. EPO - Espacenet

1.9.2. Google Patent

1.9.3. Patent Scope

1.9.4. LexisNexis® TotalPatent®

1.9.5. Patent Fetcher

1.10. SciVal Metrics

1.11. Search

1.11.1. © Q-Sensei Example

1.11.2. Thomson Scientific Scientific WebPlus Essential Science Indicators-Old ScienceWatch Essential Science Indicators®

1.11.3. Arnetminer: search and mining of academic social networks Example

1.11.4. Google Google Correlate Google scholar Translate text, webpages and documents Google Scholar Button for Chrome Google Trends Google Public Data Explorer

1.11.5. SAGE Research Methods Online

1.11.6. SciFinder®-American Chemical Society

1.11.7. University Ranking

1.12. Altmetric

1.13. What a literature review is (the process & product)

1.13.1. Type of Literature

1.14. iCite

1.15. Access Broker

1.15.1. Lazy Scholar

1.15.2. Google Scholar Button

1.15.3. Lean Library (Subscription)

1.15.4. Kopernio

1.15.5. Anywhere Access (Subscription)

1.15.6. Libkey Nomad - (Subscription)

1.15.7. Unpaywall

1.15.8. Open Access Button

1.15.9. CORE Discovery

2. Virtual Teams will become as important as Web to companies (Nader Ale Ebrahim)

3. (3) Targeting suitable journals

3.1. Journal Citation Reports®

3.1.1. Journal Summary List Journal Title Total Cites Citation Reports Impact Factor h-index Immediacy Index The Eigenfactor™ score Cited Half-Life


3.1.3. Journal Ranking

3.1.4. Journal Citation Reports® (JCR) Training

3.2. Journal Metrics -

3.3. Journal Ranking

3.3.1. Eigenfactor™ Score and the Article Influence™ Score

3.3.2. Journal Quality List - Anne-Wil Harzing


3.3.4. SCImago Journal & Country Rank

3.3.5. DOAJ-Browse Subjects

3.3.6. SCOPUS Journal Analyzer

3.3.7. The Journal Quality List

3.3.8. Red Jasper’s Center for Journal Ranking

3.3.9. ISC Master Journals List

3.3.10. Google Scholar Metrics

3.3.11. Journal Metrics from Elsevier

3.3.12. The Shape of Science

3.3.13. Publisher rank Wikipedia Cite-o-Meter

3.3.14. Top 20 Publishers by Journals by Year

3.3.15. Information Matrix for the Analysis of Journals

3.3.16. Impactfactor IR

3.4. Genamics JournalSeek

3.5. Master Journal List

3.5.1. Example

3.5.2. Dropped from WoS

3.6. Emerald journals

3.7. All Information Systems Journals

3.8. Science & Engineering Journal Abbreviations

3.9. Directory of Open Access & Hybrid Journals

3.10. Predatory scholarly open-access publishers

3.10.1. Off-Line Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers

3.10.2. Copy of Bealls list

3.10.3. Cabells

3.10.4. Beall's List

3.10.5. Example

3.11. Selecting a Journal

3.11.1. Journal Selector-Edanz

3.11.2. Springer Journal Selector Journal Selector βeta

3.11.3. Find the perfect journal for your article

3.11.4. IEEE Publication Recommender

3.11.5. Manuscript matcher-EndNote Web Match

3.11.6. Wiley's Journal Finder

3.11.7. Top 20 Publishers by Journals by Year

3.11.8. Journal Analyzer

3.11.9. Manuscript Matcher

3.11.10. Pubmender

3.11.11. The Biosemantics Group - Jane

3.11.12. select an efficient journal for submitting - SciRev

3.11.13. Review time and acceptance rate Peer review time Journal Reviewer Journal Review Journals in Higher Education Elsevier journal acceptance rate Journal browser By: Open Access nl Scientific Journal Selector Platform for Responsible Editorial Policies (PREP)

3.11.14. JournalGuide

3.11.15. Journal Selector

3.11.16. Open Journal Matcher

3.12. Types of paper

3.12.1. Short Communications

3.12.2. Regular articles

3.12.3. Reviews

3.12.4. Note

3.12.5. Data Bank

3.12.6. ViewPoint

3.13. APCs

3.14. PeerJudge

4. (4) Enhancing visibility and impact

4.1. On-Line repository (Papers storage)

4.1.1. Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Nader Institute of Business Escuela Argentina

4.1.2. getCITED Nader

4.1.3. CiteULike by Springer Nader

4.1.4. CiteSeerX Crawler

4.1.5. The Berkeley Electronic Press Nader

4.1.6. Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) Nader EconPapers Nader IDEAS Nader RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) Nader universia Результаты поиска (Socionet) Nader Nader EconBiz Nader

4.1.7. HAL Nader isidore Nader Ale Ebrahim BASE TICE Nader

4.1.8. arXiv Nader DBLP Nader FacetedDBLP Nader eprintweb Pubget Nader ScienceWISE Nader CERN Document Server Nader

4.1.9. PubZone Nader

4.1.10. Add References to the Computer Science Bibliography Collection Nader

4.1.11. Social Science Open Access Repository Nader WorldCat Nader

4.1.12. WebCite®, Nader

4.1.13. Registry of Open Access Repositories

4.1.14. UM Research Repository

4.1.15. Scholarius (Now Thesica)

4.1.16. The University of Edinburgh Nader

4.1.17. Cogprints (University of Southampton) CORE Ale Ebrahim

4.1.18. EdITLib Digital Library Nader

4.1.19. Dryad- In biosciences

4.1.20. EconStor Nader

4.1.21. Reference Management Zotero Nader © WizFolio Nader Mendeley Nader

4.1.22. e-LiS Nader

4.1.23. Repository of the Academy's Library Nader

4.1.24. ZENODO Nader Dissemin Nader Academia Migrate

4.1.25. Open Access Library (OALib) Nader

4.1.26. DataONE Dash Nader

4.1.27. Scientific Information System Redalyc Nader-1 Nader-2

4.1.28. Deposit your plasmids

4.1.29. MDPI - Preprints Nader

4.1.30. PhilArchive

4.1.31. Advance: a SAGE preprints community Nader

4.1.32. OSF AfricArXiv SocArXiv PsyArXiv bioRxiv engrXiv BodoArXiv EarthArXiv EcoEvoRxiv LawArXiv LIS Scholarship Archive MediArXiv PaleorXiv NutriXiv MindRxiv SportRxiv AgriXiv

4.1.33. Pre-Print Research Square Preprints by MDPI Nader TechRxiv

4.2. On-line Curriculum vitae

4.2.1. ResearcherID Nader Training Steps to create a free ResearcherID account Publons Nader

4.2.2. Microsoft Academic Search Microsoft Academic Microsoft Academic 2.0

4.2.3. Nader

4.2.4. Google Scholar-My Citations Nader Ale Ebrahim

4.2.5. Mind Map Nader

4.2.6. Arnetminer ( Nader Nader Ale Ebrahim

4.2.7. ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) Nader Scopus2ORCID Feedback Wizard Author manager Nader on ADS Nader

4.2.8. visual resume Nader

4.2.9. Okkam Entity Name System (ENS) Nader

4.2.10. AuthorClaim Nader

4.2.11. Nader

4.2.12. Nader

4.2.13. Nader

4.2.14. Wikiscientist Nader

4.2.15. 99scholars Nader

4.2.16. Nader

4.2.17. Vitae Nader

4.2.18. Strikingly Nader

4.2.19. Subject Area Web of Science-Research Areas SCOPUS Subject Area PrePrints-Subject Areas Classification code The Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Classification System The ACM Computing Classification System (CCS)

4.2.20. SciENcv: Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae Nader

4.2.21. Open Science Framework Nader

4.2.22. PubFacts Nader

4.2.23. Peeref Nader

4.3. NetWorking

4.3.1. MicroBlogging twitter Nader Username Extractor Twitter screen name extractor Hashtags Tweet your science Kardashian Index Calculator Yasni Nader Nader Sina Weibo

4.3.2. Social Media/Network Facebook Klout Nader

4.3.3. Bookmarking Diigo Nader Delicious (social bookmarking service) Delicious-The tastiest bookmarks on the web Nader Digg BibSonomy Nader ScienceWISE Nader Evernote Nader Bundlr Nader

4.3.4. Kudos Innovations Nader

4.3.5. Scientific Social Network Mysciencework Nader Linkedin Nader Nader ResearchGATE! Nader Malaysian Experts Nader NatureNetwork Nader BiomedExperts iamResearcher Nader MyNetResearch Nader Methodspace By SAGE Nader Ecademy Nader Virtual R&D teams Quora Nader Research Data Box (RDBox) Nader Groupiest Social S.L. Nader ScienceOpen Nader Degreed Nader PROskore Nader Piirus Nader Biowebspin British Ecological Society Loop Nader SJS

4.3.6. scholarly communications/Forum JournalFire Peer Evaluation ClimateSciNet VOA3R Neurotree Nader Virtual Collaboration Network Nader IAMOT forum FAQS.ORG The Berkeley Electronic Press Nader Creative Commons Nader Society of Collaborative Networks Members Open Cobalt Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication Nader

4.3.7. Online newspaper Scoop Virtual R&D Teams Nader Nader Yumpu Nader ZEEF Nader Research TweetedTimes Nader Pinterest Nader Medium Nader

4.3.8. Blogger WordPress Nader Blogspot Nader JohnRTurner Weebly, Nader Ale Ebrahim Edublogs Nader Nader Tumblr Nader

4.3.9. Email Extractor

4.3.10. Animate Your Science

4.4. publisher's copyright transfer agreement

4.4.1. Obtaining permission to self-archive

4.4.2. Copyright Clearance Center

4.4.3. RoMEO New version

4.4.4. Can I self-archive my e-print?

4.4.5. Copyright polices and permission to self-archiving of Spanish scholarly journals

4.4.6. How Can I Share It

4.4.7. Share your paper

4.5. Document Publishing

4.5.1. Prezi Nader

4.5.2. Calameo

4.5.3. WePapers

4.5.4. Book Publishing InTech Article Processing Charge Lambert Academic Publishing’ VDM Publishing Group Self-Publishing Lulu © Pandamian GRIN Publishing GmbH. BookBaby Blurb CreateSpace Scholar's Press

4.5.5. Article Publishing EzineArticles Science gists

4.5.6. SEO Scores

4.5.7. GitHub Inc. Nader

4.5.8. simplebooklet

4.5.9. Cloud storage Storage Made Easy Jumpshare Wuala Microsoft OneDrive Nader Box Google Drive Nader DropBox Nader

4.5.10. Share documents Internet Archive SlideShare Nader Ale Ebrahim figshare Nader Issuu Nader Scribd Ale Ebrahim Nader Docstoc Udemy Nader-1 Nader-2 Docs DocDroid Nader Speaker Deck Presentain Nader edocr Nader Infona Nader Docslides Nader

4.5.11. Photo Sharing Flickr Nader ImageShack Google+‎ FaceBook Imgur Nader

4.5.12. Video Audio Editor & Maker Magisto Nader Animoto Nader GoAnimate YouTube Nader Lumen5 Nader Capture Your Screen Camtasia Snagit Screencast-O-Matic Text to Speech Convert text to speech Natural Reader

4.5.13. Blockchain - sharing research at a Blockchained platform

4.6. Others

4.6.1. Examples of high cited article CURRICULUM VITAE Nader Ale Ebrahim

4.6.2. A good follower Academica Mind Map ResearcherID

4.6.3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Submit your site to Google Submit your site to Bing Submit your site to Yahoo! Post updates to your Facebook page Search Engine Ranking Check Submit a Web site to Scirus Nader Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines Basics of SEO - An Article permanent archive ( Nader

4.6.4. Strategies to increase citations 10 Ways to Increase Usage and Citation of your Published Article Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Research How to Promote Your Article Promoting Your Publication

4.6.5. Submit a website with academic articles to Google Scholar.

4.6.6. Citation tracking Scientific Citations

4.6.7. Publons - Evaluating Academic Research Nader

4.6.8. Virtual Transcription Laboratory

4.6.9. Visibility Check

4.6.10. Web Page Nader Professor T. Ramayah Aleebrahim @ Yola Activities on the web

4.6.11. Wiki Creative Commons Nader WikiDot WikiPedia Nader SandBox Wikiscientist Nader wikimedia Nader Editing Draft

4.7. Research Impact & Classifications

4.7.1. Research impact ImpactStory Nader PlumX. Nader PROskore Nader Altmetric Nader The Altmetric Bookmarklet

4.7.2. Research Areas (Categories / Classification) Nature Subject Areas Web of ScienceTM Core Collection Help, Research Area Web of Science category JEL Classification Codes Example of Subject area

5. Keeping up-to-date Alert services

5.1. Conference

5.1.1. Conference Alerts

5.1.2. WikiCFP

5.1.3. Conferencealert

5.1.4. Economics Conference Directory

5.1.5. AllConferenceAlerts

5.1.6. IEEE Conference Alerts

5.1.7. WSEAS - World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society

5.1.8. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

5.2. Bibliogo

5.3. Citation tracking

5.4. ALert

5.4.1. Google Alert

5.4.2. Google Scholar Alerts

5.4.3. ISI Web of Knowledge

6. Links

6.1. Finding Journal Articles

6.2. Training

6.2.1. Online Workshops

6.2.2. Thomson -Live Sessions

6.2.3. Web of Knowledge Frequently Asked Questions - Answers

6.2.4. MIT OpenCourseWare

6.3. Microsoft Office Add-in

6.3.1. Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS

6.4. List of free and open source software packages

6.5. Remote Desktop Control

6.5.1. TeamViewer

6.6. Shorten a link

6.7. Let me Google

6.7.1. Nader

6.8. World-Research-Tips

6.9. San Francisco Edit.

6.10. Nader

6.10.1. Nader won the second prize of the EPD 2010 challenge

6.10.2. Research Tools Tutorial Fees

6.10.3. Winner of Refer-a-Colleague Competition

6.10.4. Budapest Open Access Initiative

6.10.5. Recommendation Hossein Arezoo ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS pistoning in transtibial prostheses-Seal- In x5 and Dermo liner

6.10.6. Nader Ale Ebrahim's Activities on the Web

6.10.7. Mind Map

6.11. How to Write a Thesis

6.11.1. How to Write Your Thesis

6.12. Document Sharing

6.12.1. Dropbox

6.13. Viva

6.13.1. Tips for dealing with the Ph.D. viva

6.13.2. How to Survive Your Viva

6.14. i-Teach-u-English Mohammad Ali Nasrollahi

6.15. Synchronizer

6.15.1. Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility

6.15.2. SyncToy 2.1

6.15.3. PureSync

6.16. ICT Tools and Resources for Schools, Teachers and Educators

6.17. Permalink

6.17.1. Nader Webs

6.18. General

6.18.1. Microsoft Office Outlook

6.18.2. Adobe Acrobat Professional

6.18.3. Google Chrome

6.18.4. The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.

6.19. TryBooking

6.20. Article

6.20.1. Opening science: towards an agenda of open science in academia and industry

6.21. Stich.It

6.21.1. Nader

6.22. Build Apps

6.22.1. MIT App Inventor Create apps

6.22.2. Cloud Nine

6.23. University Ranking

6.23.1. QS World University Rankings

6.23.2. Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

6.23.3. Ranking Web of Repositories

6.23.4. Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) – Shanghai Ranking

6.23.5. Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings

6.23.6. Round University Rankings - RUR

6.23.7. U.S. News - Best Global Universities Rankings

6.23.8. CWUR | Center for World University Rankings

6.23.9. CWTS Leiden Ranking

6.23.10. Scimago Institutions Rankings

6.23.11. University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)

6.23.12. 4 International Colleges and Universities (4ICU)

6.23.13. U-Multirank

6.23.14. UI GreenMetric

6.23.15. National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU Ranking)

6.23.16. StudentCrowd

6.23.17. Reuters Top 100: The World's Most Innovative Universities - 2018

6.23.18. U21 Rankings

6.23.19. ISC World University Rankings ISC Ranking of Islamic Countries Universities

6.23.20. Financial Times Rankings

6.23.21. World University Research Ranking (WURR)

6.24. Blockchain

6.24.1. Blockchain for Research

7. (2) Writing a paper

7.1. Desktop search

7.1.1. dtSearch Download dtSearch Quick Start

7.1.2. Google Desktop search

7.1.3. Windows Desktop Search

7.1.4. Compare Desktop Search Tools

7.1.5. Copernic Desktop Search (CDS)

7.2. Writing/Editing Tool (Proofreading Tool)

7.2.1. Spell and Grammar Checker Ginger's Proofreading Software StyleWriter perfectit PaperRater Gerammerly SpellChecker AI DeepGrammar Linguix GradeProof: Proofreading with AI Swan - Scientific Writing Assistant LanguageTool WhiteSmoke Writer Grammar Capabilities Online Correction 10 Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools 2019 Virastyar Scribens

7.2.2. SpringerExemplar Ludwig Hyper Collocation Sketch Engine for Language Learning

7.2.3. Remove Line Breaks with paragraph restoration

7.2.4. Paraphrase SpinBot Paraphrasing Online Best Free Spinner Article Rewriter Tool The Writer’s Diet The Best Spinner Bing Spell Check API Ghotit Spell Checker Grammarly

7.2.5. Academic Phrasebank Verb cheat sheet Plain Language Checklist REF-N-WRITE

7.2.6. Thesis/paper Generators Thesis Statement Creator U. Phoenix Thesis Generator Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Outline Maker BABEL Generator Paper Generator Mathgen AI EssayBot AI-Writer

7.2.7. Put your ideas and notes in order Writing your literature review Graphic organizers PRISMA flow diagram PRISMA Flow Diagram Generator PhD Toolkit Paper Template Register a review Review Manager 5 (RevMan 5)

7.2.8. Training Springer Author Academy How to... write an abstract Guide to writing an abstract What is an abstract? Some examples of abstracts How not to write an abstract Writing a literature review

7.2.9. Text Tools Texmaker Online Text Tools Speech Texter Essay Grader Text2Speech

7.3. Write collaboratively

7.3.1. Adobe Acrobat Professional

7.3.2. Concurrent editing Google Docs

7.3.3. Advice on Academic Writing

7.3.4. How to write good English Scientific papers

7.3.5. Online LaTeX Editor

7.3.6. Authorea

7.3.7. Overleaf

7.3.8. Typeset

7.3.9. Slack replaces email

7.3.10. OneNote

7.4. Summarizer/Thematic analysis

7.4.1. Microsoft Office Word 2007- Automatically summarize a document

7.4.2. Copernic Summarizer

7.4.3. Summarizes text documents

7.4.4. ISCE Library

7.4.5. Tools 4 noobs

7.4.6. Free Summarizer

7.4.7. Smmry


7.4.9. Text Compactor

7.4.10. Semantria

7.4.11. Resoomer

7.4.12. Automatic Text Summarizer

7.4.13. AI I'm Scholarcy Paper-Digest Write me an abstract

7.4.14. Local Citation Network

7.4.15. Rewordify

7.5. Plagiarism Tools

7.5.1. Stop Plagiarism Special Note about Plagiarism Educational tips on plagiarism prevention Plagiarism Tutorial - Paraphrase: Write it in Your Own Words

7.5.2. COPE’s advice when faced with cases of suspected misconduct What to do if you suspect plagiarism What to do if you suspect fabricated data What to do if you suspect redundant (duplicate) publication Translations Persian (14 flowcharts) Spanish French Chinese Italian

7.5.3. Plagiarism Checker A list of Plagiarism Tools Dupli Checker. Viper project form the University of Maryland Plagiarism Detect PaperRater iThenticate Turnitin WriteCheck Plagiarisma.Net CrossCheck Docoloc KG Dustball Small SEO Tools

7.5.4. Retraction Watch Retraction Watch Database

7.5.5. Tik

7.6. Mind Map

7.6.1. Text2Mindmap

7.6.2. XMind

7.6.3. Mindmeister

7.6.4. Mindomo

7.6.5. Ayoa-iMindMap

7.6.6. SmartDraw

7.6.7. A list of Mind Map Software Second list

7.6.8. MindManager

7.6.9. Mimind

7.7. Reference Management

7.7.1. EndNote Configuring Google Scholar to Work with EndNote EndNote Web EndNote Web® Training Product Training Downloading references from Emerald to EndNote Use Predefined Manuscript Templates Direct Export with PubMed Download the Excel Style

7.7.2. Comparison of reference management software

7.7.3. WizFolio

7.7.4. Microsoft Word Insert Citation

7.7.5. Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh]

7.7.6. Mendeley

7.7.7. CiteULike

7.7.8. Bibliogo

7.7.9. Papers 2 for the Macintosh

7.7.10. ReadCube

7.7.11. JabRef

7.7.12. Qiqqa

7.7.13. Docear4Word

7.7.14. Citavi

7.7.15. Colwiz

7.7.16. Docear

7.7.17. RefWorks

7.7.18. EasyBib

7.7.19. Citelighter

7.7.20. Retrieve articles’ DOIs CERMINE - Content ExtRactor and MINEr

7.7.21. PaperBox

7.7.22. Sente 5

7.7.23. EEWOWW

7.7.24. Create Citation Find and edit CSL citation styles Citation Machine Cite This For Me BibMe RefME DOI Citation Formatter IEEE Reference Preparation Assistant

7.7.25. Bookends

7.7.26. refbase

7.7.27. F1000 workspace

7.7.28. Recommend papers you might want to cite Citeomatic Cite articles related to your research directly from JSTOR Text Analyzer

8. h-index

8.1. Finding h-index

8.1.1. Semantic Scholar Nader

8.1.2. Scholarometer-add-on for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

8.1.3. Microsoft Academic Search Nader

8.1.4. Publish or Perish

8.1.5. Experts ranked by H-index Nader

8.1.6. Predicting scientific success

8.1.7. Scopus Author Search

8.1.8. Citation Impact Discerning Self-citations (CIDS v2.3) CIDS v2.2

8.1.9. iCite

8.1.10. Web of Science

8.1.11. Median Citations After 5-years

8.1.12. The Lens Nader

8.1.13. Google Scholar Nader

8.1.14. AMiner Nader Experts H-index

8.1.15. H-index Improvement

8.2. Track citations

8.2.1. My Citations - Google Scholar

8.3. Citation Workshops

8.3.1. Analyze and improve your citation counts News on Blog

8.4. On the Web

8.4.1. How to Maximize Citations

8.4.2. Improving Your Impact

8.4.3. Optimize citations

8.4.4. Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Research

8.4.5. Optimizing Your Article for Search Engines

8.4.6. h, g & hg Indexes of the Researchers

8.4.7. Making Research Count

8.4.8. Scimago Institutions rankings World Reports

8.4.9. Citation Competition

8.5. Publisher copyright policies

8.5.1. RoMEO

8.6. Other Meters

8.6.1. Google Scholar Metrics for Publications Example

8.6.2. ImpactStory Nader

8.6.3. Altmetric Measure your own Altmetric score

8.6.4. PlumX Nader

8.6.5. Dimensions Badges

8.6.6. Expertscape - Rankings of Medical Expertise

8.6.7. Paperbuzz

8.6.8. Kardashian Index Calculator

8.6.9. Metrics Toolkit

8.6.10. Visualize your impact

9. Surveys & Analysis

9.1. Survey

9.1.1. SurveyMonkey Example

9.1.2. FormSite

9.1.3. SurveyShare

9.1.4. eSurveysPro Example

9.1.5. ThesisTools Online Surveys

9.1.6. Free Online Surveys Example

9.1.7. Infopoll Example

9.1.8. How To Write A Good Survey

9.1.9. FormSite Example

9.1.10. LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor)

9.1.11. Kwik Surveys Example Example 2

9.1.12. QuestionPro Example

9.1.13. MailChimp Recorded Webinars

9.1.14. Polldaddy

9.1.15. Survey Gizmo

9.1.16. eSurv

9.1.17. Google Forms

9.2. Statistics

9.2.1. On-Line Sample Size Calculator Statistics Calculator: Linear Regression

9.2.2. Software package Analyse-it Statistical Lab SPSS SAS® Analytics Minitab Neural networks software NeuroXL Alyuda NeuroIntelligence Comparison of statistical packages

9.2.3. Digital Research Tools-Analyze statistics

9.2.4. Data & Information Visualization - Infographics 1- Static Examples 5 Tools to Create Your Own Infographics 2- Dynamic Examples Computable Document Format Infographic Maker 3- Interactive Gapminder World Offline Example-What A Billion Dollars Buys You 4- Physical

9.2.5. Check a PDF or HTML file for errors in statistical

9.3. Qualitative data analysis

9.3.1. Nvivo Online sessions

9.3.2. ATLAS.ti

9.3.3. QDA Miner

9.3.4. ResearchWare

9.4. Bibliometric Network Analysis/visualize

9.4.1. Eigenfactor

9.4.2. SciMAT

9.4.3. BiblioTools

9.4.4. IN-SPIRE™

9.4.5. Data on World Maps StatPlanet

9.4.6. Scimago Journal & Country Rank -Viz Tools Shape of Science Subject Bubble Chart World Report

9.4.7. Analysis of Bibliometric data CitNetExplorer VOSviewer How to use CiteSpace Bibexcel The Science of Science (Sci2) Tool Publish or Perish Power BI Gephi Network Analysis Interface for Literature Studies (Nails Project) Datacopia Citation Gecko Open Knowledge Maps Local Citation Network SciMAT CRExplorer Google chart tools ScientoPy Bibliometrix

9.4.8. Survey for bibliometric study Example 1 Example 2

9.4.9. Artificial Intelligence IRIS.AI Recommended

9.4.10. Market Size in Terms of Journals

10. Workshops

10.1. Class