Plone Open Garden 2014

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Plone Open Garden 2014 by Mind Map: Plone Open Garden 2014

1. Generational relay

1.1. "Open Advice"

1.1.1. Turnover in commuinty Common across all long running projects. Debian: 7 years

1.2. Poor planning for succession

1.2.1. Loss of leadership Limi Figurehead, rallying point "The open source world does many things brilliantly, but one thing it does badly is planning for leadership succession." - Glynn Moody, Learning from Diaspora Cultivating that next generation of community leaders Accountability No team operates on an island Not producing, we find new leadership

1.3. Change in community

1.3.1. Expansion Active core contributors has increased by 16% over the past 12 months Losses have been replaced by a larger number of contributors

1.3.2. Atrophy of "soft skills" We've placed so much emphasis and praise on the idea of the"core committer" that we've lost sight of all those non-code contributions we need to survive. Let's go with "Core Contributor" instead Stop diminishing (unintentionally) non code contributions

1.3.3. Community is larger and more diverse than ever Geographically Expanded from traditional European and US roots

1.4. Bringing in new users

1.4.1. Evangelism "Whenever we hire someone new, I show them one of [Sean Kelly's videos]( so that they know just how great this system is and they say 'Wow, Archetypes is outstanding!' and then I have to try to explain everything that's changed since 2006." David Bain's Diazo demo Timo Stollenwerk: Typo3 vs Plone debate

1.4.2. Turning users into contributors Increasing involvement Situated Learning Peripheral Access Identity Construction

2. Impostor syndrome

2.1. Denise Paolucci: "Kicking impostor syndrome in the head"

2.1.1. Plone suffers, not just on an individual level, but on a community/project level Denise's Recommendations Positive psychology Part of this is our culture of extreme pragmatism

3. Teams

3.1. Internationalization

3.1.1. Activity Translation of Core content Documentation Newsletters/releases

3.1.2. Needs Translation status report

3.2. Documentation

3.2.1. Activity Feature documentation Interviews with feature implementers Improve existing documentation Unification of existing docs Style guide for add-ons Update

3.2.2. Needs Editing Language cleanup for non-native English speakers Writers Developers to write/review docs

3.3. Framework

3.3.1. Activity Feature integration Solicit Review Merge

3.3.2. Needs PLIP Review checklist Consistent leadership

3.4. Release Team

3.4.1. Installers Activity Windows installer Better privilege seperation for root installs Templer integration? Vagrant Third-Party Installers Needs Good testing and bug reports Build automation

3.4.2. Release Manager Activity Make releases Ticket hit list Needs Time Fewer packages Writing help Eyes on test failures

3.4.3. Testing and Automation Activity Integration with FWT process Tests on pull requests Responsibility is not to write tests, but to make testing easier Robot/selenium Needs Performance testing

3.5. Accessibility

3.5.1. Activity Feature review Accessibility guidelines WCAG guidelines Already WCAG 2.0a compliant Working on ATAG compliance

3.5.2. Needs Automated testing

3.6. Foundation

3.6.1. Activity Sprint funding New contributor agreements

3.6.2. Needs Money

3.7. Security

3.7.1. Activity Audits Hotfixes Estimate $40k worth of work put into most recent hotfix

3.7.2. Needs Communications help People Testers?

3.8. UI

3.8.1. Activity Feature review Best practices Improve existing features Content Rules in 4.3

3.8.2. Needs Designers JavaScript developers

3.9. Evangelism

3.9.1. Marketing Activity Why are you using Plone? Selling Plone to your organization/institution Selling Plone outside of your organization Fundraising Needs Leadership/organization Market analysis

3.9.2. Communications Needs Identify Activity Interviews with interesting people Updates from people working on important add ons and components Team leader report Provide editing capabilities for other teams Mailing list

3.9.3. Website Activity redesign Planet.plone redesign Needs Developer, integrator help

3.10. Admin & Infrastructure

3.10.1. Activity Moved to Cloudflare CDN github migration/maintenance

3.10.2. Needs

4. Releases

4.1. Plone 5

4.1.1. Features New folder contents structure Batch operations Better Drag & drop Simplify the management of large volumes of content Filtering TinyMCE 4.0 Cleaner Faster Mobile friendly Clear upgrade path New theme Diazo based Out-of-the-box CSS font icons Fewer CSS/JS files Bootstrap Tested! All the content types you know and love, but backed by the more efficient Dexterity engine FormWidgets Modernize our form widgets Chameleon 15-20% Faster page rendering Diazo integration without the editing interface headache Development "paradigms" JavaScript CSS plone.api portal_skins deprecation Clear up old tickets (no one wants to touch) Standardize Testable All of the actual CMS functions that we've been ignoring for years because they mostly work Login revamp Recurring events Time zone support Modern date input widget Core package consolidation Makes me happy The number of packages is TOO DAMN HIGH

4.1.2. Themes Core sets best practices Clean up, move on Optimized, leaner code means easier customizations and faster experience for end users Externalize/modernize js/CSS Faster to spin up new developers, back and front end

4.1.3. Achievable This is a set of things that we can do And it's still pretty sexy

4.2. Future

4.2.1. "Plone 2020" Stagnation of Zope 2, move to Python 3 Choices Plone 5's increased separation from backend Allows us to make larger changes while minimizing impact on existing sites No concrete action on this yet, but we're discussing it