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Houdini @Atmosphere by Mind Map: Houdini @Atmosphere

1. HQueue Setup

1.1. setup HQueueServer (render-002) and SharedFolderServer

1.1.1. Version 13.0.401 (May, 2014) "\\Server-001a\Software\Licenses\Houdini\[email protected]\houdini-13.0.401-win64-vc11.exe" (vc11 shows better performance. SideFX also have plan switch to vc11 in the end) Note: 32-bit WindowsXP/Linux is no longer supported.

1.1.2. render-002 ( H: <must be shared as H:> Target HFS H:\houdini_distros\hfs.windows-x86_64 HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH H:\houdini_distros\extensions

1.2. check the access to shared directory from the client machines \\RENDER-002\hq

1.2.1. mount the shared directory on the client machines (H:) run the command "net use H: \\RENDER-002\hq" or double-click "\\Server-001a\Software\Licenses\Houdini\[email protected]\Drive_HQueue_Shared.cmd"

1.3. install HQueueClient to the render nodes

1.3.1. verify the network connections Access to http://render-002:5000/ Lists to Fix need to change the maximum number of connection to HQServer disconnect from network when the system is idle

1.3.2. HQ Client Machines (updated 2014-05-23) Check the License Usage ("Command Line Tools") > sesictrl -h render-002 -s HQ_SIM (uses fx/engine licenses) render-002 ( HQ_RENDER (IFD render machines) (uses Render licenses) render-003 ( render-004 ( render-005 ( render-006 ( render-007 ( render-008 ( render-009 ( render-010 ( render-011 ( render-011 ( render-012 ( Check the Ram on Network Machine > systeminfo /u administrator /p <password> /s:render-001 | findstr "Physical"

1.4. configure the HQueue Server to know the location of the shared folder

1.5. add the client machines to HQueue

1.6. Trouble Shooting

1.6.1. Client machine has disabled? check the network connection check the network drive mounted cottectly (K: P: ... more) check the H: mounted on each client make sure client service is running if it doesn't run the "C:\HQueueClient\hqclientd.bat"

1.6.2. Job is keep fail on the farm check the license availability commands "sesictrl -h render-002 -s" or "License Administrator" on render-002 check have enough disk space on shared network drive check your hip is located on network drive check Mantra ROPs' output path is pointed to $HIP or $JOB

1.6.3. "No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept." This is the limitation of Windows machine. Recommend switch to Windows Server or Linux. It might be a solution. Let's give it try! setup IIS (check the command) Go to "http://localhost/" If you can see the welcome messages, It's installed correctly. Run the following command in the shell. (run without the quotation "") creat "temp.reg" and type in the followings. then run. run "C:\HQueueClient\hqclientd.bat"

2. Custom Assets

2.1. QLib

2.1.1. QLib: GitHub

2.1.2. https://www.facebook.com/qLibHoudini

2.2. Pulsar

2.3. Houdini to Arnold Renderer

2.4. Custom OTLs

2.4.1. ROP ATM_ROP_HQueue_Render_v2_.otl

2.4.2. SOPs atm_noise_v01.otl atm_lorenz_v2.otl atm_frustum_cull_points_v01.otl

2.4.3. OBJ atm_camfrustum_v2.otl atm_obj_merge_v1.otl