Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK®) study guide mind map

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Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK®) study guide mind map by Mind Map: Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK®) study guide mind map

1. Outsourcing

1.1. types

1.1.1. Objective based Strategic sourcing Tactical outsourcing Transformational outsourcing

1.1.2. Organizational service delivery based Bundled sourcing Co-sourcing Consortium sourcing Crowd sourcing Global sourcing Nearshore outsourcing Rural sourcing geographic-based (offshoring) Best-Shore outsourcing Nearshore outsourcing Offshore outsourcing Onshore outsourcing Rural shoring

1.1.3. Process type based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) aka. IT sub-contracting Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

1.1.4. Scope based Full outsourcing aka. total outsourcing Selective sourcing

1.1.5. Supplier strategy based Multi-sourcing Single sourcing aka. sole sourcing

2. 5 stages Outsourcing Process

2.1. 1. Idea Stage

2.1.1. Question to ask: Is it appropriate? Alignment with business strategy? Core competency? High level cost/benefits acceptable? Acceptable risk? Competitive advantage? Legal, ethical, etc.?

2.2. 2. Assessment Stage

2.2.1. Question to ask: Is it real? Acceptable business case? Acceptable risk?

2.3. 3. Implementation Stage

2.3.1. Question to ask: Is is a deal? Approved contract?

2.4. 4. Transition Stage

2.4.1. Question to ask: Is it executable? Approved pilot? Approve transition plan? Assess transition and fix issues as necessary

2.5. 5. Management Stage

2.5.1. Question to ask: Is it operable? Governance and metrics being met? Renew, expand, disengage?

3. Outsourcing Process Maturity Model

3.1. Level 1: Initial Process

3.2. Level 2: Structured Process and Standards

3.3. Level 3: Organizational Standards and Institutionized Process

3.4. Level 4: Managed Process

3.5. Level 5: Optimized Process

4. Approach to outsourcing

4.1. Top-down approach

4.1.1. Step 1:

4.1.2. Step 2:

4.1.3. Step 3:

4.1.4. Step 4:

4.1.5. Step 5:

4.1.6. Step 6:

4.1.7. Step 7:

4.2. Bottom-up approach

5. Interactive Glossary

5.1. Interactive OPBOK® Glossary

6. Barriers to outsourcing

6.1. Loss of control

6.2. Too critical to be outsourced

6.3. Loss of lexibility

6.4. Negative customer reaction

6.5. Employee resistance

6.6. Poor or lack of efective outsourcing process, performance metrics and project management

7. The Certiied Outsourcing Professional (COP)

7.1. Guide to Becoming a Certiied Outsourcing Professional (COP)

7.1.1. http://www.iaop.org/Download/Download.aspx?ID=389&AID=1676&SID=34&SSID=201&RP=%2FFirmbuilder%2FArticles%2F34%2F201%2F1676

7.2. Certiied Outsourcing Professional (COP) Preparation Class

7.3. Certiied Outsourcing Professional (COP) Master Class

7.4. Advanced Certiied Outsourcing Professional Classes

7.5. Outsourcing Professional Course Catalogue

7.6. Certiied Outsourcing Professional (COP) Award Package

8. OPBOK® Official publications

8.1. Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (Verison 9)

8.1.1. ISBN-13: 978-9087536138

8.1.2. Published: 2010

8.1.3. Pages: 352

8.2. Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (Verison 10)

8.2.1. ISBN-13: 978-9401800006

8.2.2. Published: 2014

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