Marketing Operational Process (PDVA)

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Marketing Operational Process (PDVA) by Mind Map: Marketing Operational Process (PDVA)

1. Marketing plan

1.1. Marketing Mix

1.1.1. Product (offering) Product Concept Levels Hierarchy Classification Lifecycle Brand Service Concept Enlarged product Information Package Label Experience Drivers Evolution Phases

1.1.2. Price Drivers Cost Customer value (market value) Competitors Legal considerations Lifecycle phase Enlarged product (services) Distribution channel Policy (decisions) Price positioning Price variability Price connection with product lifecycle Phases Objectives Determine demand Calculate costs Analyze competitors Select pricing method Select final price Price tactics Real time Dynamic pricing Auctions Negotiation Reverse buying Yield management Group pricing

1.1.3. Place Intermediaries (B2B) Sales agent Broker Distributor OEM/VAR Service channels Retailing (B2C) Enlarged product Decision process Pull or Push decision Service level Objectives and constrains Alternatives identification Alternatives evaluation Production schedulling Distribution channel management Selection & formation Motivation Communication Evaluation Evolution Internet Multichannel Efficient consumer response

1.1.4. Promotion Phases Codify message Decodify message Response Feedback Classification Internal communication External communication Process Identify target audience Determine communication objectives Establish budget Design the message Communication mix Process management Result measurement

1.2. Marketing effort

2. Implementation

3. Monitoring and control

3.1. Marketing information systems

3.1.1. Market research

3.1.2. Data analysis

3.1.3. Market intelligence

3.1.4. Reporting system

3.2. Marketing control systems

3.2.1. Areas of responsibility Corporate marketing Strategic control Production marketing Trade marketing Annual plan control Profitability and cash flow control Efficiency control

3.2.2. Phases Plan Marketing CSF KPI definition Do Verify Evaluation frequency Report format Act

3.2.3. New marketing control systems Trends Value co-creation Multichannel communication Customer Experience Management Brand management CSF Campaign-based Web/mobile Social networks Customer-based AAU Brand equity Customer lifetime value

4. Corrective actions