Composition Unit 5

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Composition Unit 5 by Mind Map: Composition Unit 5

1. Settings(Where and When)

1.1. Ariana's house,in the morning at 10am.

2. Characters

2.1. Ariana's relatives,Ariana,Severus,Aberforth

3. Problem/Plot(What happened in the story)

3.1. Ariana throws a birthday party and invited me to come.When i stepped in the house,I was wowed by the many decorations.

3.2. There were 'Harry Potter' themed banners all around the living room,and balloons featuring each of the 'Harry Potter' actors.In the center of the long Buffet table stood stand with a magnificent'Harry Potter'themed cake on it.I was amazed by the decorations and started to feel green with envy.

3.3. As i looked on the Buffet table,there were 'Harry Potter' themed sweets such as Every Flavoured Beans,Licorice Wands,Chocolate Frogs,Acid Pops and Nosebleed Nougats that will make you have a nosebleed I tried a Chocolate frog and inside there was a Character card of Albus Dumbledore,a character in'Harry Potter'.There were also cups of Butterbeer and Firewhiskeys,types of drinks in 'Harry Potter'

4. Events(what happened next)

4.1. We played some games and ate the food.When we were out of games to play,Aberforth suggested playing Musical Chairs.

4.2. In Musical Chairs,Severus was grabbing a chair from another friend when his leg got hit hard by the chair and he started bleeding

5. Ending/Solution

5.1. Severus's parents brought him home and the party continued.There was a session for Ariana to cut her cake and unwrap her presents.Everyone then went home after the unforgettable party.