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Step Up by Mind Map: Step Up

1. Elements (Client)

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. Instagram

1.1.2. Facebook

1.1.3. Twitter

1.1.4. LinkedIn

1.1.5. Pinterest

1.1.6. YouTube

1.1.7. Header and possibly replicate in footer

1.2. Featured Story

1.2.1. Large Photo

1.2.2. Title

1.2.3. Description

1.2.4. Cards Photo Title Description Link to full story

1.2.5. Maybe big hero image as featured story w/ Title/Desc/Read more and then 3/4 Card stories underneath?

1.3. Featured Members & Girl Stories? Just do Featured Stories for now

1.3.1. Photo

1.3.2. Title

1.3.3. Description

1.3.4. Read more

1.4. Tagline

1.4.1. Inspiring women to inspire girls

1.5. * Calendar Shortcut Links

1.5.1. Featured

1.5.2. Los Angeles

1.5.3. Chicago

1.5.4. New York

1.5.5. MS Maybe use a dropdown One of the most used features on current site

1.5.6. RB Current site has tabbed interface and shows title, date, desc, etc. for each

1.6. Upcoming Events

1.6.1. Need to distinguish between 3 locations Los Angeles Chicago New York

1.6.2. Default Events Module Title Date/Time Hosted By Location Read more

1.7. Email Signup

1.7.1. First Name

1.7.2. Last Name

1.7.3. Email Address

1.7.4. MS: Doesn't need to go into the header

1.7.5. RB: Maybe do big section right above footer

1.8. Search

1.8.1. Put in or around footer

1.9. Partner Logo(s)

1.9.1. Place in footer

1.9.2. RB: Rather have this a full width section possibly if it's more than 1

1.9.3. Full width that scrolls thru

1.10. Video


1.10.2. Title?

1.10.3. Description?

1.11. What they Do & Why Area

1.11.1. Title

1.11.2. Text

1.11.3. Photo

1.11.4. Learn more link

1.12. Main Nav

1.13. Footer Nav

1.14. Membership CTA/Join the Community CTA?

1.14.1. Join us as we work to ensure all girls have the opportunity to fulfill their potential! Put in header above big image

1.15. Take some things from Infographic?


1.16. Pull stuff from here?


1.17. Great impact stat: National Urban High School Graduation Rate: 60% | Step Up High School Graduation Rate: 100%

1.18. Section of Stats

2. Priorities & Goals

2.1. Become nationally recognized expert in empowering girls from under-resourced communities to graduate high school confident, college-bound and career-focused

2.2. Have worked with 5,000 girls by 2020

2.3. Inspire our diverse network of professional women to support the teens by sharing their collective experience, leveraging their resources, and opening doors for experiential learning opportunities

2.4. Inspires Action

2.5. Articulates Mission & Impact

2.6. Easily identifies how someone could help StepUp

2.7. Showcase individual stories about the need in our communitites

2.8. Easily make donations, register for events and & volunteer sign up

2.9. Showcase partnerships via case studies or clippings

2.10. Entice sign ups

3. Stakeholder Takeaways

3.1. What we do

3.2. Why they should care

3.3. How to contribute

4. Design

4.1. Goals

4.2. Values/Emotions

4.2.1. Aspiring

4.2.2. Altruistic

4.2.3. Positive

4.2.4. Sophisticated

4.2.5. Positive

4.2.6. Inspiration

4.2.7. Modern

4.2.8. Feminine

4.2.9. Clean

4.2.10. Fresh

4.2.11. Chic

4.2.12. Empowering

4.2.13. Fun

4.2.14. Condfident

4.3. Look & Feel

4.3.1. Bold

4.3.2. Imagery of Girls

4.3.3. Daisy

4.3.4. Classroom imagery/bg

4.3.5. Lots of images w/ bold text on top

4.3.6. Like SHOP style sites

4.4. Colors

4.4.1. Bright Orange PMS 1655C CMYK 0/63/91/0 RGB 244/125/48 HEX #ff5113

4.4.2. Vibrant Yellow PMS 1375C CMYK 0/40/90/0 RGB 250/166/52 HEX #ffa12d

4.4.3. Cool Grey PMS 431C CMYK 11/1/0/64 RGB 106/115/123 HEX #5f6a72

4.5. Fonts

4.5.1. Gotham Light as body font

4.5.2. Have style guide pdf

5. Style Tiles

6. Website Inspiration

6.1. CityYear


6.1.2. Big photography

6.1.3. Sticky Menu on scroll

6.1.4. Clean, clear design

6.1.5. RB Big bold design Huge click nav is nice Really blocky but it works because of the spacing Simple color scheme

6.2. Kids Alliance


6.2.2. Clean, clear design

6.2.3. Sticky Menu on scroll

6.2.4. Big photography

6.2.5. RB Good use of fonts/color Like how modules overlay homepage slider

6.3. THR


6.3.2. Bold photo's w/ text overlayed

6.4. La's Best


6.4.2. RB Right sidebar

6.5. Fullfillment Fund


6.5.2. RB Clean homepage, but could use space

6.6. Homeboy Industries


6.6.2. RB Like big main column areas Header across site w/ donate button in it Arrow design

6.7. Ban Bossy


6.7.2. RB Large modern design Colorful Sticky header Clean layout Nice girly fonts

7. Step Up is

7.1. Step Up is the only nonprofit that connects women and girls for role modeling focused on the areas of confidence, college prep, and career focus.

7.2. Step Up is the only after-school program provider that brings the boardroom to the classroom.

7.3. Step Up is the only after-school program provider that connects girls with professional women role models.

7.4. Step Up is the only nonprofit membership organization for professional women that incorporates philanthropy.

8. IA (Proposal)

8.1. Organisms

8.1.1. Header Logo Tagline Social Media Links Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube Nav About Calendar Membership Partners Give Press Calendar Shortcuts LA w/ icon Chicago w/ icon NY w/ icon

8.1.2. Footer Social Media Links Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest YouTube 2 Level, Opened Main Nav Footer Nav Contact Us Privacy Policy Site Requirements Site Map Secure Login Logo/Title Address Phone/Fax Email Copyright. All Rights. Search Input Button Non-Profit SBX Logo Join the Community CTA

8.1.3. Daisy Diaries (Features Area Carousel) Tab Content Photo Heading Content Learn More Tab(s) Title Tagline Like Royal Slider They want this to have similar content as 'Things we Love' area on but in this carousel format like on

8.1.4. Join the Community CTA

8.1.5. 3/4 Upcoming Events Heading Event Title Date/Time Hosted By Location

8.1.6. Partner Logos Heading Description 4-6 Logo Carousel w/ partner level label

8.1.7. Video Heading Description Video

8.1.8. Newsletter Signup Heading: "Get the latest news from Step Up" First Name Last Name Email Address Location Select (National, Chicago, LA/OC, New York) Button: "Join"

8.1.9. The Why Header: "Inspiring Women to Inspire Girls" Tagline: "We believe all girls deserve the chance to fulfill their potential" Join Us CTA Button Full width w/ large static BG image

8.1.10. What We Do (Stats) 3 column across full-width area Maybe have icon/image for each, callout #'s Heading Our Challenge Approach Impact

8.2. Templates

8.2.1. Homepage Header Hero: The Why What We Do (Stats) Daisy Diaries (Features Area Carousel) Partner Logos Newsletter Signup Footer

8.2.2. Subpage Header Article Footer