Hyundai motors -Kuwait

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Hyundai motors -Kuwait by Mind Map: Hyundai motors -Kuwait

1. Customer Relationship managment

1.1. What differentiate Hyundai ?

1.2. Hyundai growing in tough Luxury cars market segment in Kuwait

1.2.1. But the "g" still slow

1.3. Experience, Critique and recommend the Luxury &

1.3.1. Experince

1.3.2. Personally try ask and feel

1.3.3. what could be done especially mentality

2. experiencing the showroom

2.1. Compile some ideas

2.2. In person ghost shopper

2.2.1. 1st visit experience -Luxury Section-

2.2.2. 2nd visit experience -Basic Section-

2.2.3. References Class Book Summaries -in class- Blogs (wordpress) Supporting Data Books Customers Surfing the net India's Market and GCC's Market

3. The fruit of visit

3.1. Sales officer -luxury- section. Shares customer information between sales, service and parts departments

3.2. Sales officer gives complete vehicle data along with sales, service strategy and financial plan history

3.2.1. the policy, Hyundai is considered one the best companies that offers their clients with long term warranty and maintenance coverage, this is defiantly giving Hyundai a competitive advantages among other competitors


3.4. Experiencing Hyundai's CRM

3.4.1. Vehicle management gives complete vehicle data along with sales, service and financial history, as well as dealer and license information and owner and contact information.

3.4.2. Activity and e-mail management systems link e-mails with associated contacts, leads and opportunities

3.4.3. Service management increases customer loyalty by enabling consistent, personalised interaction across all customer touch points including, telephone, e-mail, wireless devices and in-person meetings. telephone e-mail social media t

3.4.4. Hyundai CRM is linked across GCC through its main regional office in Dubai.

3.4.5. Conclusion - what summarizes what is most interesting about CRM ?

4. 4 The above keys are powerful instruments to attract new customers and maintain the current clients

4.1. Hyundai's voice is in lack of faith.

4.2. The mentality image about Hyundai as a low end car.

4.3. Social network still missing as a communication channel

4.3.1. Communication channel for their customers to share information, ideas and problems if any.


4.4.1. Regarding the captured value, Hyundai customers will start appreciate the company’s products and to be a loyal customers beside feeling proud and word of mouth will start spreading. Also customers will feel like they are part of something special is behind much of the company’s success.

5. Marketing 505

5.1. Sun-10/8/2014

5.2. Group 2 - Assessment 1