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Global Ties by Mind Map: Global Ties

1. Priorities & Goals

1.1. Develop and support a strong, healthy network of organizations with a common vision for connecting their communities to the world by delivering effective exchange programs and embodying nonprofit best practices. Support (provide professional development, best practices and capacity building) to our member organizations as a means of supporting the Department of State’s broader public diplomacy goals

1.2. Expand the visibility of Global Ties U.S. and its members through expansion and diversification of partnerships that value our mission. Showcase the effectiveness of our member organizations in raising awareness and local engagement of international issues and develop partnerships/opportunities/funding to support us and our member organizations.

1.3. Strengthen the effectiveness, scale and scope of Global Ties U.S. advocacy efforts to ensure our leaders fully invest in long-term relationship building as a powerful tool to break down barriers between peoples of different nations.

2. Elements (Client)

2.1. Logo

2.2. Main Navigation

2.2.1. About Us

2.2.2. What We Do

2.2.3. Our Impact

2.2.4. Get Involved

2.2.5. News & Updates

2.3. Global Navigation

2.3.1. Member Login

2.3.2. Contact Us

2.3.3. Donate

2.3.4. Jobs

2.4. Hero News Slideshow

2.4.1. Title

2.4.2. Photo

2.4.3. Caption

2.4.4. Description

2.4.5. Learn more button

2.4.6. Next/Prev

2.4.7. Pager

2.5. Latest News (Optional)

2.5.1. Date

2.5.2. Title

2.5.3. Photo

2.5.4. Content

2.5.5. Read more button

2.6. Take Action Area (Buttons or Modules??)

2.6.1. Donate

2.6.2. Advocacy Update or Advocacy Alert Area? Either single button or module area Section Heading "Advocacy Alert" Blurb CTA Button "Get Updates"

2.6.3. Volunteer Links to a form "Michelle Kwan Invites You to Expand Your World" Photo/Icon?

2.6.4. Learn how to become a member

2.6.5. Are these all of them???

2.7. Member Spotlight

2.7.1. Heading

2.7.2. Title

2.7.3. Blurb

2.7.4. Read more?

2.7.5. More member spotlights?

2.7.6. Become a member button?

2.8. Newsletter Signup

2.8.1. Heading

2.8.2. Blurb

2.8.3. Email input

2.8.4. Subscribe button

2.8.5. Blurb

2.8.6. Blurb

2.9. Social Media

2.9.1. Twitter

2.9.2. Facebook

2.9.3. Flickr


2.9.5. LinkedIn

2.9.6. YouTube

2.9.7. Storify

2.10. Social Media Feed?

3. Stakeholder Takeaways

3.1. International exchange programs are the most effective and efficient way to build a more peaceful and prosperous world.

3.2. Global Ties U.S. makes professional exchange possible.

3.3. Global Ties U.S. members and partners are the hubs for conducting international exchange programs and connecting their local community with the world.

4. Design

4.1. Goals

4.2. Values/Emotions

4.2.1. Results

4.2.2. Inspirational

4.2.3. Welcoming

4.2.4. Confidence

4.2.5. Connection

4.2.6. Faith / Optimism

4.2.7. Excitement

4.3. Look & Feel

4.3.1. Clean

4.3.2. Modern

4.3.3. Large 'close up' photos

4.3.4. Colorful

4.3.5. Easy to navigate

4.3.6. Big CTA's

4.4. Colors

4.5. Fonts

4.6. Thoughts

4.6.1. Network of Organizations

4.6.2. Provide Support to organizations

4.6.3. Showcase effectiveness of member orgs

4.6.4. Strenthen Advocacy Efforts

4.6.5. Use of icons, big images for each section/module, etc.

4.7. Ideas

4.7.1. Use arrow as graphic element to break up spaces

4.7.2. Have angular design? Like

5. Style Tiles

6. Website Inspiration


6.1.1. They like big and bold, colors, etc.

7. Client Is

7.1. Global Ties U.S. is the only partner to the U.S. Department of State that mobilizes/leads community-based organizations to deliver effective international exchange programs and engage local leaders in international issues. Our positioning is we have make professional international exchange programs more effective.

8. IA (Proposal)

8.1. Organisms

8.1.1. Header Logo Main Navigation About Us What We Do Our Impact Get Involved News & Updates Global Navigation Member Login Contact Us Donate Jobs Take Action Bar Donate Advocacy Alert Volunteer Membership Maybe icon associated w/ each action? Search Social Media Twitter Facebook Flickr LinkedIn YouTube Storify

8.1.2. Footer Logo/Title Address Phone/Fax Email Copyright. All Rights Social Media Twitter Facebook Flickr LinkedIn YouTube Storify Non-Profit SBX Logo Main Navigation About Us What We Do Our Impact Get Involved News & Updates Global Navigation Member Login Contact Us Donate Jobs

8.1.3. Hero: Mission Wasn't spec'd but maybe instead of carousel? Mission Headline Blurb Learn more >

8.1.4. Latest News Heading More news > News Item Date Title Photo Content Read more >

8.1.5. Take Action 3 column grid Donate, Volunteer, Become a Member Take Action Item Photo/Icon Title Blurb Button

8.1.6. Advocacy Alert Heading Title Photo Blurb Read more >

8.1.7. Take Action Links For sidebar on internal pages. These would be prominate buttons w/ imagery, etc. Donate Advocacy Alerts Volunteer Become a Member

8.1.8. Member Spotlight Heading Title Photo Blurb Read more > Become a member >

8.1.9. Newsletter Signup Heading Blurb Email input Subscribe >

8.2. Templates

8.2.1. Homepage Header Hero: Mission Latest News Take Action Advocacy Alert Member Spotlight Newsletter Signup Footer

8.2.2. Subpage Header Article Take Action w/ Advocacy Newsletter Signup Sidebar Sub Navigation Member Spotlight Custom HTML Module Latest News Footer