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Selank by Mind Map: Selank

1. Experiences

1.1. Ray Bonior Experiments

1.1.1. Interactions Uridine (UMP)

1.1.2. Current Duration of Experiment: 16 weeks took a week off to cycle in the happy stack

1.1.3. Selank supplied by ceretropic combined with mannitol to increase BBB permeability

1.1.4. Personal Discoveries for best practice Dose 250-500mcg Best feeling AND performance 24-48hrs after dose Optimum results dosing 2 days in a row followed by 5 day break Selank is better preserved in methylparaben BAC for injection avoid benzyl alcohol sensivity Selank has to be put to use in order to get max nootropic effect all top lumosity scores while on selank stack better memory and fluid intelligence from brain exercises + selank stack Doing brain exercises/studying during acute effects yields better results during after effects. Selank has a paradoxical effect on my ADHD intranasal administration is not that much more convenient than subq prefer subq

1.1.5. Factors that may make my experience different from that of a "healthy" individual Mal de Debarquement Syndrome *currently not expressing symptoms ADHD-PI paradoxical reactions to many drugs caffeine makes me tired after a quick rush racetams suck magnesium makes me feel doped coming direct;y from 1+ yrs of continuous happy stack Binocular Vision Disorder?

1.1.6. Synergies [Stack] uridine (UMP) when cycled NOT concurrently better results from both stacks when cycled n-acetyl l-tyrosine (NALT) phospatidylserine (PS) semax found semax to be unsustainable Better memory

1.1.7. My experience Typical timing of effects 00:00 00:05 00:30 2:00 4:00 12:00 24:00 + 72:00 Effects slowly wear off Effects Memory Focus IQ PresentMindfulness Mood Empathy Libido Visual Smell Quantified Chess rank increased 300 points avg. All of my top scores on lumosity were during selank trials

1.1.8. Stack Tryptophan Night before NALT with AM dose PS with PM dose raw cacao powder with all doses with ON double rich chocolate protein (mmm) co-factors Thorne Research Basic Nutrients D3 5MTHF Stack notes:

1.2. Medievil's selank trial (longecity)

1.3. MetabolicAlchemy's 10 day trial

1.3.1. more isn't better

1.4. Selank review by alarang

2. Research

2.1. enkephalin-opioid system

2.1.1. The role of opioid system in peculiarities of anti-anxiety effect of peptide anxiolytic selank The data obtained reveal a new target for selank in CNS and indicate significance of the activity of enkephalin-opioid system in individual sensitivity to selank.

2.1.2. Naloxone-blocked depriming effect of anxiolytic selank on apomorphine-induced behavioral manifestations of hyperfunction of dopamine system. It is hypothesized that the revealed behavioral effect of selank is mediated by its modulating effect on the endogenous opioid system and specifically, by its effect on activity of enkephalin-degrading enzymes.

2.1.3. The inhibitory effect of Selank on enkephalin-degrading enzymes as a possible mechanism of its anxiolytic activity. reduced total enkephalinase activity in the blood during generalized anxiety attenuates behavioral anxiety reactions and does not cause side effects typical of most anxiolytics Selank was more potent than peptidase inhibitors bacitracin and puromycin in inhibiting enkephalinases

2.2. Inflammation

2.2.1. Expression of inflammation-related genes in mouse spleen under tuftsin analog Selank. participation of Selank in the processes of regulation of inflammation in the body

2.3. Anxiolytic/Antidepressant

2.3.1. Compensatory and antiamnestic effects of heptapeptide Selank in monkeys Selank effects do not depend on the type of neurotic disturbances and have long-term compensatory character. Selank is a promising agent for correction of various psychoemotional disturbances (alarm-and depression-like disorders)

2.3.2. [Effects of heptapeptide selank on genetically-based and situation-provoked symptoms of depression in behavior in WAG/Rij and Wistar rats, and in BALB/c mice]. possesses an anxiolytic and psychostimulant effect antidepressant component in the spectrum of neuropsychotrophyc activity of selank

2.3.3. Intranasal administration of the peptide Selank regulates BDNF expression in the rat hippocampus in vivo

2.4. Memory/Learning

2.4.1. Transcriptome alteration in hippocampus under the treatment of tuftsin analog Selank Selank is able to regulate ion homeostasis of hippocampal cells and thereby modulate different ion-dependent processes, which include the processes of learning and memory formation.

2.4.2. The optimizing action of the synthetic peptide Selank on a conditioned active avoidance reflex in rats. potential for its use in optimizing mnestic functions in conditions of elevated emotional tension.

2.5. monoamine

2.5.1. [Comparison of the effects of selank and tuftsin on the metabolism of serotonin in the brain of rats pretreated with PCPA].

2.5.2. Effects of heptapeptide selank on the content of monoamines and their metabolites in the brain of BALB/C and C57Bl/6 mice: a comparative study

2.6. immunomodulation

2.6.1. [Changes in expression of the genes for chemokines, cytokines, and their receptors in response to selank and its fragments] Selank exerts anxiolytic and nootropic effects and, on the other hand, has pronounced antiviral properties.

2.6.2. The temporary dynamics of inflammation-related genes expression under tuftsin analog Selank action. Selank and its short fragment Gly-Pro influence the expression of genes that mediate different types of immune responses, thereby maintaining the balance of the immune system.

2.7. alcohol withdrawal

2.7.1. Efficacy of peptide anxiolytic selank during modeling of withdrawal syndrome in rats with stable alcoholic motivation

2.8. neuropeptide regulaiton

2.8.1. Effect of selank on the main carboxypeptidases in the rat nervous tissue The preparation has been shown to cause long, preserved for 24 h changes of activities of these carboxypeptidases. It is suggested that the change in activity of the studied enzymes can be one of mechanisms of regulation of level of neuropeptides at action of selank.

3. Pharmacology

3.1. Russian Info (selank website) [translated]

3.1.1. individual actions

3.1.2. complexity and duration

3.1.3. the duration of the aftereffect -

3.2. Routes of Administration (RoA)

3.2.1. intranasal

3.2.2. subcutaneous

3.2.3. intramuscular

3.3. Mechanism of Action (MoA)

3.3.1. inhibits degradation of enkephalins and other endogenous regulatory peptides (APN) Aminopeptidase N (NEP) Neutral endopeptidase (DPP3) Dipeptidyl peptidase 3 (CPA6) Carboxypeptidase A6 (ACE) Angiotensin-converting enzyme

3.3.2. activation of the brain monoaminergic systems

3.3.3. dopamine synthesis and turnover

3.3.4. modulation of the tyrosine hydroxylase activity

3.3.5. Genetic alteration

3.3.6. induce metoblism of serotonin

3.3.7. immunomodulation

3.4. Other

3.4.1. anolgue of tuftsin

4. history

4.1. russian name Селанк

4.2. Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

4.3. As of 2010, the drug has completed stage III clinical trials in Russia

4.4. Developed in the early 80's

5. Important note on Selank

5.1. TL;DR It doesn't work as well in healthy individuals.

6. New Idea

7. New Idea