Copy of Soapbox Engage

Brainstorming ideas and common elements for the Soapbox Engage marketing site

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Copy of Soapbox Engage by Mind Map: Copy of Soapbox Engage

1. Landing Page

1.1. Common Elements

1.1.1. Header Logo Main Nav Sticky Floating on Image Secondary Nav

1.1.2. Hero Image/SS Title Desc Primary CTA Secondary CTA Background image App/Web interface shot Thumbs of video's that open in modal Social sharing/links

1.1.3. Client List Logo's 'Used By xxx' as header

1.1.4. Testimonials

1.1.5. Case studies/Customer Stories

1.1.6. Why Soapbox Engage? Listing of reasons w/ icons/screens

1.1.7. Features list Screenshot Title Description

1.1.8. Services list

1.1.9. How it Works Step by step on how the platform works

1.1.10. Runs on & Integrations Show browsers/platforms, etc that the software can run on w/ icons, screenshots, etc.

1.1.11. Newsletter Signup

1.1.12. Screenshots of application

1.1.13. Customer examples

1.1.14. Plans and Pricing

1.1.15. Demo Schedule

1.1.16. Benefits

1.1.17. Primary CTA area

1.1.18. FAQ area

1.1.19. Team Photo Name Description Title Social

1.1.20. Contact Title Description Contact Form List of primary contact people Name Photo Number Email Title

1.1.21. Social links

1.1.22. Immediate Contact for Sales

1.1.23. Social sharing

1.1.24. Footer Nav Social links Copy/Rights

2. Ideas

2.1. Main nav

2.1.1. Logo w/ simple text nav & signup button

2.1.2. Have 4/5 apps in own row, big buttons for easy 1 click access w/ secondary nav above, next to the logo

2.2. Hero

2.2.1. Shot of hand interacting w/ ipad on the website (sumall)

2.2.2. Maybe have apps as part of the Hero, show they connect in some way?

2.3. Testimonials

2.3.1. Quote, name, company, photo

2.3.2. Big photo, quote, name w/ social links (sumall). More impact than just text.

2.4. Have Stats

2.4.1. Have stat sections to showcase # of clients, sites launced on platform, conversion rates, etc.

2.5. Homepage

2.5.1. Layout Idea A Hero Testi/Case Studies Product List Client List CTA Grid

2.6. Product Landing Page

2.6.1. Like Hubspot Blog Page, telling a story

2.6.2. Screenshots of customer sites

2.6.3. Case Studies

2.7. Hubspot 3-col CTA on Every Page

2.8. Footer

2.8.1. Like MetaLab footer setup, with products at bottom

2.9. Have Team Page?

2.9.1. Individual photo's with little bio and social links?

2.10. Live Sales Chat option?

3. Site Map

3.1. Home

3.1.1. Products (Tools? Software?) Donations Events Petitions Shop Search Submit

3.1.2. Features

3.1.3. Solutions

3.1.4. Success Stories

3.1.5. Pricing

3.1.6. Contact

3.1.7. About

3.1.8. Resources

4. Molecules & Organisms

4.1. Header

4.1.1. Logo

4.1.2. Main Nav Tools Features Solutions Success Stories Pricing Trial CTA Demo CTA

4.1.3. Secondary Nav Resources About Partners Team News & Press Blog Contact

4.1.4. Tetriary Nav Depends on section you are in Tools: Would list the 6 tools across top w/ icons

4.2. Modular Sections

4.2.1. Hero's Need Hero w/ just Video

4.2.2. Primary CTA Area (Hubspot) Questions? Call us. Request a demo Start a free trial

4.2.3. CTA (Single) Heading Desc CTA Video or image highlight Schedule a demo Start a free trial

4.2.4. Used by/Client listing Area Heading Rows of logo's

4.2.5. Features Grid (Single row) Heading Description Feature Image/Icon Title Description Learn more button CTA button

4.2.6. Testimonial (Single) Quote Name Title Company Photo, video or client logo? More button

4.2.7. Testimonial Grid (Single row) 2/3/4 columns Heading Description Testimonials Quote Name Title Company Photo More button

4.2.8. Stats Chart Title Subtitle Desc Stat Icon

4.2.9. Plays nicely w/ Heading Description View more products button Product list Icon Product name Learn more button?

4.2.10. Success Story (Featured/Single) Company Descriptive story title Desc/Intro Photo, video or logo Read full story button View more stories button

4.2.11. Success Story Grid (Single row)

4.2.12. Horizontal Internal Nav

4.2.13. Solution Based Pricing Set

4.2.14. Sidebar Internal Nav

4.2.15. Ideas/Todo Primary CTA Area (Hubspot) with Team photo as the BG. Gives us a real personal touch, but team photo would be on every page? Hero w/ Video for Homepage Separate Form Page + Thank You Showcase module for showing off Client sites?

4.2.16. Product List Heading Description Product Icon/Photo Product Name Description Learn more button

4.3. Content Blocks

4.3.1. Video

4.3.2. Large Summary

4.3.3. Page Intro

4.3.4. Page Header

4.4. Footer

4.4.1. Nav Main & Secondary Nav w/ sub-level list so all features, tools & solutions are at least listed

4.4.2. Copy & Rights text

4.4.3. Other Nav Terms Privacy Sitemap

4.4.4. Get in Touch/Connect Social links + buttons Phone Email Live Chat?

4.4.5. Newsletter Signup

4.5. Bottom (like MetaLab)

4.5.1. More products by PICnet

4.5.2. Non-Profit Soapbox

4.5.3. Soapbox Mailer

5. Templates

5.1. Home

5.1.1. A Hero Hero w/ Product List Client Grid Primary CTA

5.1.2. B Hero Testimonials Product List Client List Primary CTA

5.1.3. C (RO's) Hero w/ Video Primary CTA Client List

5.2. Basic Interior

5.3. Products

5.3.1. A Hero w/ Overview Video 6 Products Stacked Primary CTA

5.3.2. B Hero w/ Overview Video 6 Products Grid Stats Primary CTA

5.4. Product landing

5.4.1. A (RO) Video Demo Plays Nicely With Testimonials Primary CTA Features Content Block: Purpose Summary Content Block: What Makes this Product Different?

5.4.2. B Hero Client List Testimonials CTA Primary CTA Features Places Nicely With Video Case Studies Showcase Stats

5.4.3. C Showcase Stats

5.5. Success story

5.6. Success stories landing

5.6.1. A Hero Primary CTA Case Study List

5.7. Industry vertical

5.8. Industry vertical landing

5.9. Pricing

6. Design Ideas

6.1. Fonts

6.1.1. Cocogoose & Muli