United Contractors: IA

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United Contractors: IA by Mind Map: United Contractors: IA

1. Priorities & Goals

1.1. New, visual site

1.2. Improved Nav

1.3. Easy Search

1.4. Event reg's

1.5. Member Directory, etc.

2. Stakeholder Takeaways

2.1. United Contractors is the leading influencer in the construction industry. United Contractors is a solution driven association for your business United Contractors is impressive, I want to join, I’m a satisfied and happy member, that’s the Association I need to have a relationship with in the construction industry.

3. Design

3.1. Goals

3.2. Values/Emotions

3.2.1. Trust

3.2.2. Service

3.2.3. Unity

3.2.4. Pride

3.2.5. Inspiration

3.2.6. Motivation (to act/get inv)

3.2.7. Confidence (strength)

3.2.8. Optimism (Pos/Excitement)

3.3. Look & Feel

3.3.1. Highly visual

3.3.2. Clean

3.3.3. Sophisticated

3.3.4. Modern

3.3.5. Bold Type/Colors

3.3.6. Simple nav

3.4. Colors

3.4.1. Gold, Black & White primary in brand guidelines

3.4.2. Open to accent colors other than in brand guide

3.5. Fonts

3.6. Thoughts

3.7. Ideas

4. Style Tiles

4.1. A

4.1.1. Super Flat

4.1.2. Photos for BG's

4.1.3. No Texture

4.1.4. Lines

4.1.5. Simple

4.2. B

4.3. C

5. Website Inspiration

5.1. Like

5.1.1. http://gensler.com I think client likes easy nav and big photos, might be a bit too boxy tho. Reminds me of Windows Not a fan of the design

5.1.2. http://www.livestrong.org/ Hero on HP is nice Simple navbar, maybe text too small Like bottom footer style I like the typography and simple style of the 'We Can Help' pages for internal pages

5.1.3. http://vibrantmedia.com/ Very corporate looking Subpages really boring Like slider setup w/ tabs

5.1.4. http://nike.com Bold, boxy design Very masculine

5.1.5. http://usaa.com Use this site all the time, don't take it for any inspiration

5.1.6. http://www.chattanoogarenaissancefund.com/ Modern, big scroll site Big photos, text Like HP photo grid w/ rollover blocks Good use of photos

5.2. Dislike

5.2.1. heart.org Too boxy, old school and text heavy

5.2.2. haygroup.com/ww Boxy, no message, bland, no emotions

5.3. Ideas

5.3.1. Seems like they dislike how sites where built and want to focus on a design that mimics the more big, bold font & visual one-page, single column approach

5.3.2. I like Leidos design, especially grid blocks of news/events

5.3.3. Header on top of BG photo

6. Client Is

6.1. http://www.unitedcontractors.org/index.asp

6.2. United Contractors is the largest and most influential union-affiliated contractors association in the Western United States.

7. IA (Proposal)

7.1. Organisms

7.1.1. Header Logo Main Navigation About Us Membership Services Events Publications Search (icon w/ dropdown?) Crisis Response Button Member Login Button

7.1.2. Footer Logo/Title Address Phone/Fax Email Copyright. All Rights. Non-Profit SBX Logo Main Navigation Search Form Member Login Button Crisis Response Button Social Icons Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram

7.1.3. Hero Large BG Image (bridge/construction) Heading

7.1.4. News/Events Related Upcoming Events Heading 3/4 Events View more > Latest News Heading 3/4 Posts Subscribe RSS View more > Social Feeds Facebook Twitter LinkedIn

7.1.5. Sponsors Carousel Heading Next/Prev 3/4 Blocks Logo Sponsor Title "Premium Sponsor"

7.2. Templates

7.2.1. Homepage Header Hero Upcoming Events Social Feeds Latest News Sponsors Carousel Footer Ideas Put News & Feeds, possibly Events in it's own section on the HP, similar to LegalServicesNYC or BoomHealth connect page

7.2.2. Subpage Header Article Sidebar Sub Navigation Custom HTML Module Latest News Upcoming Events Bottom Upcoming Events (if decide to do full width) Sponsors Carousel Footer

8. Elements (Mel)

8.1. Logo

8.2. Main Navigation

8.2.1. About Us

8.2.2. Membership

8.2.3. Services

8.2.4. Events

8.2.5. Publications Maybe like nonprofitroundtable.org

8.3. Search

8.3.1. Input

8.3.2. Button

8.4. Member Login Button

8.4.1. * Needs to be obvious

8.5. Sponsors Carousel

8.5.1. Next/Prev

8.5.2. Pager?

8.5.3. Heading

8.5.4. 3/4 Logos

8.5.5. Like usgbc-ncc.org

8.6. Hero Image w/ Tagline

8.6.1. “Taking Action…Getting Results”

8.6.2. “The Next Generation of Construction Leadership”

8.6.3. Bay Bridge Construction Image

8.7. Social Widgets

8.7.1. Facebook

8.7.2. Twitter

8.7.3. LinkeIn

8.7.4. They have Instagram too

8.7.5. *They want the feeds

8.8. Social Icons

8.8.1. Facebook

8.8.2. Twitter

8.8.3. LinkedIn

8.8.4. Instagram

8.9. Upcoming Events

8.9.1. No Photo

8.9.2. Would like calendar icon or possible larger Month/Day that is offset to the left of the event

8.9.3. Like usgbc-ncc.org

8.10. Latest News

8.10.1. 3/4 Posts w/ Thumbs

8.10.2. * lower priority than Events

8.11. Crisis Response Button

8.11.1. Possibly in header or fixed on right side?

8.11.2. Stand out more, don't take as much space

8.11.3. * http://www.unitedcontractors.org/index.asp