DEFINE THE PROBLEM You see a classmate that you don't really like being bullied. Do you stop the...

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DEFINE THE PROBLEM You see a classmate that you don't really like being bullied. Do you stop the bullying or be a bystander? by Mind Map: DEFINE THE PROBLEM  You see a classmate that you don't really like being bullied. Do you stop the bullying or be a bystander?

1. EXPLORE THE ALTERNATIVES You can... 1. Stop the bully and help your classmate 2. Stop the bully and fight him or her back 3. Stop the bully, help your classmate, then tell a teacher 4. Stop and take a video then post it on social media later 5. Walk away like nothing happened 6. Walk away, but tell a teacher about the bullying

1.1. CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES In normal circumstances... 1. Your classmate will probably be very thankful because you stopped the bully, but you might be bullied back. 2. You helped your classmate, but might get suspended for participating in violence in the school. 3. You helped your classmate and then did the right thing by telling a teacher. The bully might get suspended, or even expelled. 4. You spread the word about the bullying, but you could have done something about it since you saw it happening 5. You would have felt guilty about it and your classmate will most likely STILL get bullied. 6. You at least did something that would have helped your classmate and make the teachers aware of the bullying happening.

1.1.1. IDENTIFY YOUR VALUES I believe that if you see bullying happening, you should stop it. Students see and know things that teachers don't, so do the right thing and stop the bully. However, I have heard of some schools doing nothing about bullying. So if you do see bullying, help your classmate out, tell your peers about it, and make sure that the teachers know bullying is happening. If the teachers don't do anything about it, YOU do something. You have power over things as well. 1. I stopped the bully. And even though I might get bullied back, I helped my classmate. 2. I would have never fought anybody back, unless it is necessary. I can solve the problem by talking it out with the bully. 3. This is what I would have done because I have been taught to stop the bullying, help my classmate, then tell the teacher. 4. I wouldn't have taken a video of the bullying and then post it on social media. Sure it would have made my friends aware, but I feel like I would be exposing information about my classmate (the victim). 5. I could have walked away from the violence, but I would feel really guilty about it afterwards. 6. I might do this if I see that the violence is getting out of hand, so much that I can get hurt as well. At least the teacher can intervene. DECIDE AND ACT For me, I would have picked alternative number 3 as a 'right' choice where I stopped the bully, helped my classmate, and then tell a teacher. It 'fits' with my values and I believe it's a lot better than the other alternatives I have listed. PLAN: 1. Walk up to the bullying, and tell the bully to stop it. If he or she threatens my classmate and me back, I would have walked away. If he or she THEN starts assault physically, I would have made my classmate and I run away and hide as fast as we can. 2. After we are away from the bully, I would have checked if my classmate is alright and if he or she is hurt in anyway. If he or she is hurt, I would have helped her to his/her home or the school nurse. 3. I then tell him or her that I will report what has happened. If he or she insists not to, I will persuade them to report what happened. 4. We tell the teacher and hopefully he or she does something about it. If he or she doesn't, I will tell the principal about it and make my peers aware about the bullying. EVALUATE THE RESULTS IF THIS DID HAPPEN... I think my decision would have worked out fine and it would have made my peers more aware about the bullying happen. I think that since we have been aware about the bullying, we all would have done something if we see bullying happening. It's possible my peers won't do anything at all, but it's important they should. I would have learned that doing the right thing would be important, but I should always consider the safety and morals of my peers and myself of course. I don't think I would have done it over again because I believe that this is the right thing to do and it would have helped everyone out.