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Donor Services Case MGMT-501 Hellal AL-Hellal by Mind Map: Donor Services Case                                                                               MGMT-501                                                      Hellal AL-Hellal

1. Legend

2. Recommendations

2.1. Re-destributing the workload

2.2. Magdalena looks better replacement for Elena

2.3. Instructing Juana and her friends to do the translation requirement instead of out sourcing this activity

2.4. Recruit appropriate employee who fit with the requirement

2.5. Adjust tasks and redefine through team work

2.6. less hierarchy of authority and control

2.7. more trainings

2.8. knowledge and control of tasks are located anywhere in the organisation

2.9. easier communication

3. The Agency

3.1. Joanna's analysis for submittal to Sam Wilson, national representative of the U.S. based agency.

3.1.1. sponsorship in Guatemala

3.2. funded by individuals & groups

3.2.1. sponsors expect a connection between them and whom they re sponsoring to feel. and encourage more and continuing the sponsor

4. Something wrong

4.1. Upon observing the behaviors of the department and its management, the following issues were evident:

4.1.1. 1-Sam, Jose, and Elena's management styles.

4.1.2. 2-Employees do not identify with job due to lack of information sharing Employee lack of training. Employees are unclear how individual roles contribute to the company as a whole. Employees are unclear how individual roles contribute to the company as a whole.

4.1.3. 3-Unorganized workload Process contains unneeded steps Workload unevenly distributed

4.1.4. 4-Underutilized talent (i.e. bilingual translators that never use English or improve skills)

4.2. These issues were those that most impact your company and could ultimately result in mismanagement, employee dissatisfaction, decline in business performance as compared to your competitors, or, even worse, business dissolution.

5. Current Problems

5.1. Lack of Authority

5.2. Uneven of the workload distribution

5.3. Resources not fully utilised

5.4. No statistics nor info. to share

5.5. Careless and lack of training

5.6. Discrimination -low morality-

6. Organisation's Assumptions

6.1. Several unreasonable assumptions---made on behalf of the management which demonstrates the company's lack of structure and inability of develop

6.2. Jose the charismatic leader and is well liked amongst his subordinates. BUT, as the department head for both community and donor services, he focuses little at donor services department.

6.2.1. It is his responsibility to allot equal time to each of his departments. Without doing so, feelings of inequity could arise between the entities


6.3.1. Elena, the department's immediate supervisor has very little support. As a result of this lack of support, Elena does not control her department and allows her subordinates to work freely and without direction. All the while, Jose is under the assumption that the department is being successfully run by Elena.

6.3.2. Although organized and hard working, Elena lacks authoritative presence within the organization. She assumes that her issues and concerns will go unanswered due to Jose's close relationship with particular co-workers. To compound things, Jose's absence only reinforces his apathy for the department and its internal issues. Finally, Elena assumes she is inferior due to her inability to speak English well as compared to her co-workers. She feels inadequate which prevents her from acknowledging the fact that she was placed into a supervisory role for a reason.

7. Other