The immigration

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The immigration by Mind Map: The immigration

1. Salvadorans in the United States constitute the largest Salvadoran community outside their country . His contributions known as remittances , are one of the main pillars of the Salvadoran economy .

2. Although there is no census for 2010 , estimates indicate that two and a half million Salvadorans living outside their country, which means that one in four Salvadorans is situated outside national borders. The calculations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador , indicate , 94% of Salvadorans abroad reside in the United States focusing primarily on the states of California, Texas, New York , Maryland and the District of Columbia.

3. During the decades of the 1970s and 1980s , hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans , they left their country as a result of the El Salvador Civil War who lived and severe economic crisis caused by the war . Some of the places of destination of this migration were the United States, Canada, Australia , Costa Rica , Mexico , Panama , Spain , Italy and Switzerland, until it became a large Salvadoran Community Abroad . This social phenomena has impacted the politics and economy of El Salvador and has had great importance in the recent history of El Salvador .

4. The immigration in the USA