Magnetic field

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Magnetic field by Mind Map: Magnetic field

1. North pole is geomagnetic South pole

2. B

2.1. a moving point charge

2.1.1. Biot-Savart Law qv x r

2.2. current in wire of short length

2.2.1. . long wire add up all the shorts r vector is (x, -y, 0) conventional current

2.3. wire

2.3.1. derivation

2.4. circular loop

2.4.1. solenoid

3. x. use the superposition principle to determine the net magnetic field on a deflected compass needle (away from geomagnetic field).

3.1. pythagoras

4. Retardation (Decay of electric and magnetic forces, when charge and motion of charge removed).

4.1. Does this indicate fields are real or is this only its relativistic nature?

4.1.1. Biotsavart law has no time reference, so it cannot be relativistically correct. How about velocity?

4.1.2. Only an approximation that is appropriated only when v << c

5. Procrastination

5.1. integration with Biot-Savart

5.2. Playing with magnetic fields

5.3. "Opening your eyes" to the magnetic fields around you

5.4. How magnetic fields (produced by moving charges in the Earth's core) protect us from the Sun.

5.4.1. .

6. F

6.1. point charge

6.1.1. x. Determine the magnetic force on a moving-charge/current due to a magnetic field. deflection law v x B

6.1.2. x. Lorentz force

6.2. short wire

7. x. define electron current

7.1. electron current (electrons per second)

7.1.1. conventional current (Coulombs per sec. = Amperes)

8. motional EMF

8.1. The Steady State

9. torque = u x B

9.1. magnetic dipole moment

10. Generators

10.1. .