Integrated Marketing Comunications

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Integrated Marketing Comunications by Mind Map: Integrated Marketing Comunications

1. Digital Marketing

1.1. Learning Objectives

1.1.1. Key differentiating features

1.1.2. Role of digital marketing

1.1.3. Differences and similarities of online advertising Owned Social Paid

1.1.4. Measuring the effectiveness of online advertising

2. Personal Selling

2.1. Learning Objectives

2.1.1. Role of personal selling

2.1.2. Positive features of a job in PS

2.1.3. Modern selling philosophy

2.1.4. Types of jobs and activities

2.1.5. Personal selling process

2.1.6. Determinants of SP performance

2.1.7. Role of sales management

3. Sales Promotion

3.1. Learning Objectives

3.1.1. Nature and purpose of sales promotion

3.1.2. Emphasis of sales promotion

3.1.3. Profitability of sales promotions

3.1.4. Sales promotion trap

3.1.5. Trade-oriented promotions

3.1.6. Cooperative advertising and Vendor support programs

3.1.7. Trade shows

4. PR and Sponsorship

4.1. Learning Objectives

4.1.1. PR versus MPR

4.1.2. PR tools and tactics

4.1.3. Proactive versus Reactive MPR

4.1.4. Sponsorship, CRM and Corporate image advertising

5. Direct Marketing

5.1. Learning Objectives

5.1.1. Direct marketing and its growth

5.1.2. Characteristics of direct-response advertising

5.1.3. Components of direct-marketing campaign

5.1.4. Copy in direct marketing

5.1.5. Media for direct-marketing activity

5.1.6. P-mail advertising

5.1.7. Databases and data mining

5.1.8. Wireless advertising