Personality Law

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Personality Law by Mind Map: Personality Law

1. 1. Existence of Duration of Persons

1.1. Natural Person

1.1.1. All Registered Human Beings

1.1.2. Human Rights - Honor - Privacy - Image - Reputation - Authors rights

1.1.3. Classified: capable, incapable, minors, adults, interdicted, foreign, nationals, citizens

1.1.4. Legal existence and duration Rights and duties Rights1. Life 2. Property 3. Freedom 4. Information

1.2. Legal Entity

1.2.1. Incorporated

1.2.2. Public: State, municipality or division of state "the Rule of Law" Extensions of the state created by law Regulatedby public laws

1.2.3. Private: (Non)profit organizations, associations, corporations Regulated by public laws Subject to private laws when offering e.g. public services

2. 2. Identity

2.1. Attributes of The Personality

2.1.1. Name Reflects image, honour, pride, dignity, entitlement and in the past STATUS Consumer protection - has to reflect legal entity Competition law

2.1.2. Civil Status Natural persons

2.1.3. Domicile Place of living A person can have more than one Place of living Place of business

2.1.4. Nationality Link between state and state Provisions to obtain nationality "Ius Soli" -> Place of birth “Ius sanguini” -> Blood right Citizenship= right to exercise political rights

2.1.5. Patrimony The “worth” of a person Property Rights Person onto Object Personal Rights Subjects; Bonds that connect people Your Patrimony= Assets - Debt

2.1.6. Capacity Ability to act and be entitled to the protection of the law Possibility to enter into legal relationship Creation of rights and duties Deliberate, intentional and voluntary actions -> Diminished or no responsibility Lack of Capacity Absolute, when it cannot be fixed Relative, when it can be corrected

3. 3. Capacity

3.1. Factual

3.1.1. Privaleges

3.1.2. Rights

3.2. Juridical

3.2.1. Ability to engage responsibly in transactions Can be limited by Age Mental

3.3. Moral Person

3.3.1. Capacity also regulated by Corporate law Trade law Commercial codes

3.3.2. Cannot be Willing Guilty Negligent Criminal

3.3.3. Entitled to Good name Reputation Protection of its honour

3.4. Legal Entities

3.4.1. Capacity to enjoy rights but restricted in their ability to act

4. Natural Laws

4.1. Essential

4.1.1. The bare minimum to protect ourselves

4.2. Personal

4.2.1. Cannot be delegated

4.3. Innate

4.3.1. Only human can enjoy them (not legal entities)

4.4. Non-Patrimonial

4.4.1. Cannot be transacted, not objects we own

4.5. Absolute

4.5.1. Cannot be minimized, trivialized, fractioned or modified and must be respected by all

4.6. Non-Transmissible

4.6.1. Cannot be subject to transmission

4.7. Non-Prescripticle

4.7.1. They do not end with the pass of time

4.8. Irrenunciable

4.8.1. A natural person has them in disregard of wish or ambition.