Audience Research

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Audience Research by Mind Map: Audience Research

1. Favourite Drinks : Anything fizzy or flavoured such as juices .

2. Urban and trendy affordable but high fashion clothing.

3. Favourite Clothing shops : H&M, NEW LOOK, TOPSHOP

4. Favourite Make-up Brands : MAC

5. New technologies

6. What phones do they have : iPhone / iPods

7. Means of transport : busses, trains

8. These activities all include the idea of being social media orientated .

9. What are they enjoy doing : Listen to music , pree celebrities and peers, gossip, watch tv, internets

10. Here they can read and keep up with the current affairs in the celebrity affairs

11. What magazine would they be into : OK, heat magazine

12. They spend most their spare time on social medias such as twitter , Facebook , Tumblr , Instagram and YouTube - where they can talk to other or friends about the latest news and updates .

13. What do they do use often : social media orientated

14. Read newspapers ? : dont read newspapers

15. This is where our album will be sold so commonly used stores , where they can be exposed to products for reasonable prices.

16. Where they buy groceries : Tesco and Sainsbury's

17. This we believe is majority of our fan base due to the idea of leaving in a English city , even though we are obviously open to other groups .

18. Ethnic and Class Background :White working class

19. Females are our main target group due to our artist being Female , giving the audience a role model as well as being able to relate to the artist .

20. Gender : female

21. I thought 16 was a good age as at this age the individual is growing up and learning new things

22. Age : 16

23. ( London as it common for the bigger fan base to be in the capital )

24. Area : Central London.

25. Name : Mary

26. Ideal audience :

27. Not working , but they are in education meaning they are more likely to see and be interested in music more .

28. Occupation : Student

29. One task given to us individually was to create a ideal target audience which we felt reflected to be a fan of our own artist and music genre . After a lot of thought , we came up with this as a ideal audience member .