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stac.csv by Mind Map: stac.csv

1. users_profile

1.1. group_id

1.2. friends (1 friend, 0 no-friend)

1.3. experience (0: both have no experience, 1 one of them has, 2 both of them don't)

2. data (ma1, ma2, mi1, mi2)

2.1. results

2.1.1. targets (revealed and correct) medical crime water infrastructure sum_targets sum_targets/20(total_num_targets)

2.1.2. tasks point_tasks sum_point_tasks sum_waypoints_point_tasks sum_moved_tasks sum_deleted_point_tasks sum_completed_point_tasks region_tasks sum_region_tasks sum_waypoints_region_tasks sum_deleted_region_tasks sum_completed_region_tasks sum_region_waypoints sum_tasks sum_tasks (point+region) sum_waypoints sum_deleted_tasks sum_completed_tasks

2.1.3. targets/tasks sum_targets/sum_tasks sum_targets/sum_waypoints

2.1.4. time/frequency operator editmode_count editmode_totaltime monitor stop_count stop_totaltime

2.2. actions (num of clicks)

2.2.1. operator Normal Monitor Task Edit sum Dropout dropout_after_ total_actions dropout_after_average_actions

2.2.2. monitor clicksWindowView sum_annotations (include duplicate and wrong annotations) sum_clicks