Evaluation Question 3 :What you have learned from your audience Feedback

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Evaluation Question 3 :What you have learned from your audience Feedback by Mind Map: Evaluation Question 3 :What you have learned from your audience Feedback

1. Interviews and Surveys on Survey Monkey on music video

1.1. To gather more indepth feedback on my music video and digi pak work I will be conducting some interviews on my target audiences as well as other audience groups to see what they thought of my work

1.2. I will make more surveys on survey monkeys with questions about what the audience think about my work .

1.3. After looking at these I will make a vlog discussing how audience taught me about what music videos and how to make the appealing

2. Overview of what I learnt from audience feedbacks

2.1. I will summaries the major points made about audience feedbacks

2.2. How audience feedback has helped my music video summary and what I learnt for my music video .

3. Review other audience feedbacks on artist Music Videos ?

3.1. Firstly , will use screenshots and a prezi to present the different music videos I look at . For example , one being our inspired artist Rita Ora's song .

3.2. I will then look at the comments on youtube and the music video and will pick out a few to analyse , with these feedbacks I will see if the comments helped the artist get higher views or ratings with the song .

3.3. After doing this , I will use Camtasia to show the trends if artist is helped through audience feedbacks

4. Reflect on what you learnt about audiences in AS and A2

4.1. To see the purposes of audiences I will use Camtasia to show my previous audience researches for audience for my production of an opening scene and how what the audience feedback was like and how it helped improve our work .

4.2. I will then do this for A2 work and will go over my rough cut and official music video feedback and discuss how the audiences feedback have helped to visually improve my work .

4.3. After doing this I will uses audience feedback surveys I made on Survey Monkey and evaluate what the audiences said about my work , and what I have learnt from their views