Goal - More Retained Customers in Theaters

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Goal - More Retained Customers in Theaters by Mind Map: Goal - More Retained Customers in Theaters

1. Objective:

1.1. Make the cinema a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

1.1.1. Strategies: Offer services aimed at enthusiasts. D-BOX, AMC Prime, Cast & Crew Q&A, Midnight Showings, Dolby ATMOS and similar services have proven successful. Offer services aimed at casual moviegoers. Dine-in experience, ability to purchase & drink alcohol, 18+ only showings, family showings. Tactics: Movie Q&A: Make the movie personal. The ability to meet the people responsible may be a bit costly, but provide a lot of value to the film. It may also be a good venue for independent filmmakers as well as inviting high-profile stars. It just comes down to how much you're willing to pay. (Cost: Appx. $1000 - $20,000) (Deadline: Depends on film) Install bar in lobby: Bars in theaters are a good way to encourage people to loosen up and enjoy their experience. It also brings in some more money alongside the concessions, as well as encouraging a more night-life focused crowd. (Cost: Appx. $10,000) (Deadline: 6 months) Commit to a crowd: Since you can't make everyone happy, make sure your theater has an identity. It's either for the enthusiasts or for a more casual crown. If you stay in between you're either in a mall or the only theater in town. (Cost: Depends on what services do you want to offer to your preferred crowd) (Deadline: Depends on theater upgrades)

2. Objective:

2.1. Share stories and start a conversation about the love of going to the theater.

2.1.1. Strategeies:

2.1.2. Develop a social media presence. Develop profiles for all popular social media services to help promote brand messaging as well as connecting with customer base.

2.1.3. Start a conversation with customer base. Utilizing contests, submission requests, and other tactics; interaction with our customer base is essential to promoting our messaging about theaters.

2.1.4. Tactics Social Media Presence: Owners can manage their pages to be cost effective, but a trained and certified social media manager would be preferred. (Cost: Appx. 30,000/year) Web Series: Use YouTube as a platform to post videos and company branded messaging to promote theaters. Pay per video or hire video supervisor. (Cost: Appx. 30,000/year) Engage Audience: Using social media to start hashtag campaigns, photo sharing competitions, or online Q&A's will encourage customer interaction. (Cost: Depends)

3. Objective:

3.1. Make visiting the theater more aligned with those who binge watch.

3.1.1. Strategies: Offer movie marathons of popular franchises. There are a lot of movies now. Offering marathons of a crowdsourced list or of franchises at a reduced price may entice the enthusiasts. Offer a subscription service alongside pay-per-view model. The biggest roadblock that stops customers coming back is the ticket price. If a subscription service is offered, it may help offset those who would like to visit several times a month. Tactics Crowdsourced Marathons: Develop a website to have the public vote for their favorite movies on the big screen. Can be scheduled anytime; weekends recommended. Research: Offer surveys at theater locations, asking customers what prices they would be comfortable paying for a subscription service. Then use that data to decide on a number. (Cost: Appx. $500) (Deadline: 1 month) Have marathons for popular franchises ending with the premiere for the latest installment. Can be scheduled anytime; weekends recommended.