19. ILT - Create Events and Sessions

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19. ILT - Create Events and Sessions by Mind Map: 19. ILT - Create Events and Sessions

1. Purpose

1.1. Create and edit events and sessions

1.2. Manage exception requests and interest tracking

1.3. Describe session detail settings

1.4. Add a vendor and instructor

2. Events & Sesssions

2.1. ILT courses with details about the course

2.1.1. Description

2.1.2. Vendor

2.1.3. Subjects

2.1.4. Objectives

2.1.5. Sessions Note: Each occurrence of an ILT event is called a Session. Different location etc Easy recreation of the course

3. Creating an Event

3.1. Manage Events & SEssions

3.1.1. Search by Name Subject Vendor Lots more

3.1.2. Filter by Waitlists Exception Requests Interest tracking

3.1.3. View sessions Note: If you are using the Certifications/Compliance functionality, you will also see a Map Certifications icon.

3.2. Create

3.2.1. Step 1: Set Properties Name Used to search for Event NUmber Vendor Required field The group or owner of the class Note: If you have a back-end setting available for VILT, then you will have the option for a primary and secondary vendor. Unable to edit after creation. Duration Description and Objectives HTML friendly Basic formatting Resources Note: Requires permission to manage LO attachments Can add documents etc to the Event. Attachments Using multiple languages? Set the available languages Resource Material Can set what material is also used by the Event Subjects Categorise each event into topics for search purposes At least one is required Competencies Available if using Competencies from the Performance Module Allows users to do an advance search in browse for training using this filter Skills Available if using the Succession Module Allows users to do an advance search in browse for training using this filter Options Active Allow multiple attendance Allow interest tracking Ability to select session Allows users to select sessions Also allow Admins and Managers to select sessions on behalf of users At least one must be selected Keywords Used for searching Training contact Dependent on the config in ILT preferences This can be changed to a different user Note: If no contact displays, then preferences have been configured to allow you to manually select the contact.

3.2.2. Step 2: Availability Set availability by OU Options Include subordinates Pre-Approved Register upon approval Training request form

3.2.3. Step 3: Session Defaults Made at the event level and inherited by each session Required fields: Minimum and Maximum registration

3.2.4. Pricing/Training Units Note: These will only appear if enabled in the portal.

4. Create a Session

4.1. Sessions are scheduled instances of an ILT course

4.2. View Sessions

4.2.1. Search for sessions Session ID You create a number Locator Number System defined Note: You may only be able to locate sessions that fall within your permissions or constraints.

4.2.2. Create New Session Schedule Wizard Occurrence Duration Used for creating multiple sessions Parts Schedule Edit Parts Part refer to whether the session spans one or multiple days. Check conflicts Details Fields Resources Registration Restrictions Waitlists Costs Pre-Requisites Pre and Post Work Availability Defaults to the event level Decline Exception Request Checkbox Emails Summary Summary of sessions and parts

4.2.3. Multi-Part Sessions Save and add another Copies the location and basic details from the first part Why use multiple, and not one large part spanning multiple days? The system treats calculates for each hour, hence start and end dates and times. Attendance How many sessions must be attended

5. Scheduling Wizard

5.1. Purpose

5.1.1. Note: Requires the scheduling wizard permission.

5.1.2. Create multiple sessions and multiple parts in the one step.

5.1.3. Used to create sessions based on a date pattern, e.g. Once, Daily, Weekly etc.

5.2. Session Occurence

5.2.1. Occurrence? Daily Weekly Monthly Once

5.2.2. Duration End? Certain date? # of occurences

5.3. Part Occurence

5.3.1. Occurrence? Daily Weekly Monthly Once

5.4. Summary

5.4.1. Summary of sessions and parts

5.4.2. Edit individual sessions as needed

6. Exception Requests & Interest Tracking

6.1. Requests

6.1.1. Generates a notification to say that the session is not available to them. Options to continue The session is then listed as 'Exception requested' on the transcript Who grants the exception? ILT administrators! ILT > Manage Events and Sessions > Exception Requests

6.2. Interest Tracking

6.2.1. Option Any location Specific location

6.2.2. ILT > Manage Events and Sessions > Interest Tracking

7. Exemption Tracking

7.1. E.g.

7.1.1. Leave

7.1.2. No longer required

7.2. Define exemptions

7.2.1. Training Reasons Preferences config

7.3. Request Exemption

7.3.1. User View Only available when not completed Training details shows that request is pending

7.3.2. Admin View Welcome page Exemption Tracking page Respond Grant Deny

7.3.3. Alternative Method - via Transcript Page Note: if an admin marks the user exempt from the Transcript page, then the status displays as Marked Exempt. This typically occurs when no exemption is requested by the user.

8. Add Vendors and Intructors

8.1. via

8.1.1. ILT > Vendors & Instructors

8.2. View Vendors

8.3. Add Vendors

8.3.1. Add Instructors Set Active/Inactive System User? Select User External? Enter user details Approval Required? This will allow the instructor to approve the session before the user can and request/register for it.

9. Facilities & Resources

9.1. Note: Non-Reusable resources when used will send a notification to the owner.