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StartUP Resources by Mind Map: StartUP Resources

1. Learning to Code

1.1. Python

1.1.1. iteration construct

1.1.2. guess and check method loop charateristics put in other words: exhaustive numeration

1.1.3. For loop: xem lai Problem 7 trong L3

1.2. Dev Tools

1.2.1. Pseudo class

1.3. Coursera VentureFinancing

1.3.1. In-depth knowledge about your market place

1.3.2. honest about who your competitors are?

1.3.3. what does investor want to see???? a team really complement each other

1.3.4. Tell your story!!!!!!!

1.4. Learn SQL the hard way

1.4.1. critical concept

1.4.2. Data criteria comparison operators > < >= <= = not equal: <>

1.5. CDAC Course

1.5.1. Class 1: HTML/CSS/Javascript info Programming basics of Web technology by: Nimesh Kumar Dagur specialized in Microsoft Techonology Day 1 Webtech Overview HMTL Day 2 HTML Character Entities Change fonts, sizes, colors HTML background abbreviations and acronyms Deleting and inserting text: <del> <ins> List Display preformatted text defintionlist New Topic Day 3 HTML Link: Day 4 Frame Audio tag video tag CSS Day5 CSS selector Javascript Day 6 While Loop Javascript Function Javascript event form

1.5.2. Class2: SQL Teacher: Mr. SaS Commands Data Definition Language Data Manipulation Language Transaction Control Language Data Control Language Database Objects Table View Sequence Index Symnonym Database users One user = 1 schema 2 users can create the same table name since they belong to different schemas Single row function per row there'll be an output Character function others bai tap so 2 multiple row function multiple inputs produce 1 result functions subquery mean queries within query subquery returns multiple values Create Sequence Constraints Enforce rules at the table level prevent the deletion of a table if there are dependencies CONSTRAINTS JOIN cross join natural join MERGE New data object table sequecne view index Synonym Rownum rownum = 1 rownum <= anything

1.5.3. Class 3: PL/SQL Delimiters compound symbols Identifiers contains numbers, dollar signs, underscores, number signs can't contain hyphens,slashes,spaces Make it maintenance-easy comments case conventions naming conventions fro identifiers and objects PL/SQL 3 sections Block Types Anonymous Procedure Named procedure Named function Variables temporary storage of data manipulation of stored values resusablity only declare variables in the DECLARE section data types LOB data type Declaring PL/SQL Variables Syntax don't use table name or column name for naming variables print Bind variables select to store database data into variables declaring variables by %type and %rowtype Nested blocks and Variable Scope Control Stucture if elsif loop for loop Substitution Variables Exception Handling Trapping exceptions Sub programs Cursor Packages Triggers

1.5.4. Class 4 Desktop app only J2SE Web app J2SE as base + J2EE mobile app J2SE as base +J2ME Java Day 1 Day 2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day 7 Day 9 Day8 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 day14 day15 day 16 Day 17 Last Day

1.5.5. Design Class Corel create a new document

1.5.6. Culture Visit Plan 06/09 qutabmisnar +lotus temple 12/09 akshardham 26/09 taj mahal

2. Ethos

2.1. Program Content

2.1.1. first 2 week for preparing and fine-tuning the biz proposal

2.1.2. week 3: going out to meet people

2.1.3. First week tuesday morning profession chey: mechanical engineeer, PhD in MIT, consultant in IT project, full of ideas guys Supply chain consultant for more than 10 years Metrachonics is adding a microprossesor to a control engineering content mechatronics Sensor kinda determines what you can do teusday afternoon big telco, ICT division, talk about ICT startup from a corporate world, startup is survival strategy for corporate world now Automation full liner wednesday morning new family: meeting time Ethos lab Sparklab: Business proposal writing: how to sell your idea to the investors wednesday afternoon Mr. Leonardo Lim - Professor from Sunny/LG Global Thursday Visit to DMC/NIPA in Seol: broadcasting, K-Pop, entertainment Meeting alot of startup here Night: pitching more and more Friday morning: James Larson lecture Night: BUSINESS DRAFT DUE (one-page summary) Monday Speaker: CEO from SparkLab: he sold five companies already

2.1.4. third week Monday: reviewing all the presentation materials final mentoring Tuesday: Exhibition move to Kangnam: alot of audience wednesday: review, review, review thursday: final launching time

2.1.5. Second week Monday Morning: Mr. Louis Ryu Afternoon: Mr.Ricky Kimm ODA fund sources Tuesday new team-building scheme Wednesday morning: lecture from UN: international trade issues afternoon: visit to KANGNAM Thursday afternoon: Second mentoring by the group SECOND DUE: POSTER AND PITCHING MATERIALS Friday Duzon: they moved their campus to a mountain: a paradise for employees afternoon: visiting the Samsung Second week: independent time.

2.2. Cafeteria Hours

3. resources

3.1. animation for iOS

3.2. Promising startup program

3.2.1. Canada-based accelerator deadline: 24/10/2014, watch out for 2015

3.2.2. kieu startup Chile cua Brazil, het han ngay 03/2014, watch out for 2015

3.2.3. Magic: Deadline khoang thang 4

4. Android

4.1. 26/09

5. Topica

5.1. Công nghiệp hóa

5.2. Văn hóa

5.3. Xây dựng đội ngũ