Apps and websites used with blogger to display my work / Sanaa El-Haouzi

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Apps and websites used with blogger to display my work / Sanaa El-Haouzi by Mind Map: Apps and websites used with blogger to display my work / Sanaa El-Haouzi

1. Technologies I have used :

1.1. Prezi : Through prezi I displayed information such as researching about music video influence and also pitching my ancillary work in my planning stages . With prezi I was able to present information in a fun and creative way as well as having advantages from normal presentation - as prezi can embed you tube videos , this came in handy when showing the conventions of real artist music videos.

1.2. Kizoa - This differ's from prezi , as Kizoa focus is on how to present photos , this worked well with blogger as it had a HTML link which could embed the Kizoa work on to it , here I made slideshows and collages showing my examples of real artist works as well as my influences and photos I was going to use for my work .

1.3. Annotating Apps / Websites : When analysing other real music videos or the conventions of real ancillary work I used websites such as Thinglink or Time toast , these websites also can be embedded into blogger through the HTML option . Using Timetoast allowed me to plan how my own music video will be produced in terms of filming dates and times , also ThingLink allowed me to focus on specific parts of a real music videos or screenshots of parts and place texts over it to analyse it . I also done this when looking at real artist ancillary work through thing link.

2. Twitter and Instagram

2.1. When planning and creating our music video , my group and I made social media accounts that let out teachers see what and when we was filming our music video . Also , I posted these social medias on blogger to allow our audience to get see what the artist is up to - this use of social media allowed us to show our process of filming as well as editing and helps us reach our target audience quicker

3. As being able to embed different technologies to posts on Blogger ..

3.1. Blogger has enabled me to use different technologies to present my work in a creative and visually appealing way .

3.2. Also , I was able to use different apps from different media convergences such as Apps on iPhone's such as ABC Notes as well as apps from websites such as Slideshare and Prezi to present information and Kizoa and Photosharing sites such as photobucket to present photos without have a long list of pictures.

3.3. Used apps and websites which related to my work and were a good way to present information which blogger allowed such as interviews which were done through vlogs , which blogger allowed to be uploaded .

4. Internet for research purposes

4.1. For my research purposes I used two main websites to find my information . One being google for general information and the second being You Tube for examples of my research.

4.2. With Google , I searched the meaning of certain language and media words meant , such as when looking at what a music video is , I had to search what a music video consists off and a official definition of a music video . Also , the search of words such as synergy and visual links

4.3. Also , I used google to find examples of real artist ancillary works and find conventions real ancillary work , it also helped me research for different fonts and layout designs for my digi pak .

4.4. In terms of Youtube , this helped me in my research where it showed me examples of conventions of music videos , also past A2 media students music videos as well as their tips and explanations of synergy and conventions. I also used youtube to recap on Goodwin and Vernalllis theory which I found videos explaining and giving real examples on .

4.5. Also , the Candimedia6 BlogSpot which had some student resources which helped and guided me to structure my blog posts as well as how to use certain technologies