ERP Day Class Map

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ERP Day Class Map by Mind Map: ERP Day Class Map

1. SAP - the world's largest business software company

1.1. HR

1.2. Identifies customer needs and develops solutions to meet them

1.3. Founded in 1972, offices in more than 50 countries, Sap has a high level of customer support and service

1.4. Provides all kinds of products we see in the ERP System

1.5. Provides collaborative business solutions for all types of industries in every major market.

1.6. The first joint product for use wih Microsoft Office and SAP

2. Oracle

2.1. Price 12K to 350K +

2.2. Winner of several awards: Best Supply Chain Management System,’ Intelligent Enterprise 2007 Readers’ Choice Award, ‘The Supply Chain Software Award,’ Supply Chain Excellence Awards organized by SCMLogistics World 2006.

2.3. Oracle Supply Chain Management Oracle Human Capital Management Oracle Financial Management Solutions Oracle Procurement Applications

2.4. Small to mid-size companies and larger enterprises across a broad range of public and private sector industries.

2.5. The company’s success speaks for itself. Oracle applications run in more than 1,500 public sector organizations, 10 of the world’s top 10 banks, 20 of the world’s top 20 telecom companies, and 10 of the top 10 academic universities worldwide.

2.6. Oracle Application Integration Architecture's open, standards-based foundation enables you to create streamlined business processes that span application boundaries, while greatly shortening time to value.

3. Perfect Software

3.1. Targets a specific market (HR market)

3.2. Staff by industry experts

3.3. Over 20 years experience in HR and Payroll

3.3.1. New node

3.4. Designed for mid-market companies

3.5. Cash flow manageable due to month subscriptions

3.6. Customisation availability

4. Global Shop Solution

4.1. Product Name

4.1.1. Global Shop One System ERP Solutions

4.2. Customer Focus

4.2.1. Manufacturing companies, ranging in size from 20 to 500 employees.

4.3. Highlights

4.3.1. Offers a complete, real-time, and value-added manufacturing software solution in ERP, CRM, APS, and MRP for small to medium-size businesses.

4.3.2. Quick payback ERP for job shops, ETO, mixed-mode, contract and discrete manufacturers.

4.3.3. Stable & personal - Founded by Dick Alexander (1976) 7 Alexander family members work in the company.

4.4. Pricing

4.4.1. $4,000 to $160,000

4.5. Technology

4.5.1. Specifically written for the Microsoft Windows 2000/XP™/2003 environment. The system is noted for ease of use, flexibility, processing performance, and reliability.

5. Sage Software

5.1. product names

5.1.1. Sage Pro ERP

5.1.2. Sage MAS 90 and 200 &500 ERP

5.1.3. Sage PFM ERP Manufacturing

5.1.4. Sage FAS fixed Assets

5.1.5. Sage Abra HRMS suite

5.2. Highlights

5.2.1. Software specicafically for small to medium businese

5.2.2. Recipient of multiple industry awards, recognitions, and reviews

5.3. customers

5.4. Pricing

5.5. Technology

6. Microsoft Dynamics

6.1. Microsoft develops and distributes predominately licensed software business solutions.

6.2. one of the largest IT companies in the world

6.3. Small and medium-size organizations, enterprises, governmental institutions, and educational institutions.

6.4. Microsoft Dynamics is a line of integrated, adaptable ERP business management solutions that automate and streamline financial, customer relationship.

6.5. The price range $8,000 - $250,000+

6.6. Software: ERP, e-commerce, supply chain,manufacturing, CRM, HR, project accounting.

7. NetBooks

7.1. Product Names

7.1.1. Intuitive ERP

7.1.2. Made2Manage ERP

7.1.3. Encomplx

7.1.4. Axis

7.1.5. Cimnet Systems

7.1.6. Relevant

7.2. Customer Focus

7.2.1. Small to medium sized manufacturing segment, primarily customers in the 5 to 150 user range.

7.3. Highlights

7.3.1. Service orientated architecture (SOA) technology strategy protects investments.

7.3.2. Industry-specific, flexible solutions to better match business requirements.

7.3.3. Rapid growth through consolidation.

7.3.4. Focus on quality and customer service.

7.3.5. Notable for easy-use, fast navigation, tailored views and tight security.

7.4. Pricing

7.4.1. $20 - $300,000+

7.5. Technology

7.5.1. Broad ERP solutions set uses a wide-range of technologies to deliver the greatest value to each market.

8. Work day

8.1. Technology

8.1.1. No Hardware

8.1.2. No software

8.1.3. No Implementation

8.1.4. No Upgrades

8.2. Product Name

8.2.1. Workday HCM

8.2.2. Workday Financials