Helena - Diagnosis of LD

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Helena - Diagnosis of LD by Mind Map: Helena - Diagnosis of LD

1. Challenges

1.1. Remembering Processes

1.2. Vocabulary Development

1.3. Structuring Thoughts While Writing

1.4. Organization

1.5. Processing Information

2. Strengths

2.1. Artistic

2.2. Kind

2.3. Wants to learn

2.4. Dances

3. Attributes of her LD

3.1. Reading

3.1.1. Delays in Reading Fluency

3.1.2. Delay in Comprehension

3.1.3. Difficulty Remembering Language Processes Spelling Rules Word Structure

3.2. Writing

3.2.1. Difficulty Organizing Thoughts and Structure

3.3. Math

3.3.1. Difficulty Grasping Concepts

3.3.2. Lacks Ability to Grasp Processes

3.4. General

3.4.1. Difficulty Processing Information Presented

3.4.2. Disorganization

4. Particular LD Characteristics She Exhibits

4.1. Remembering Processes

4.1.1. Order of Operations

4.1.2. Spelling Rules

4.1.3. Suffix and Prefix Definitions

4.2. Disorganization

4.2.1. Unorganized in Getting Materials

4.2.2. Getting to and From Class

4.3. Math Characteristics

4.3.1. Difficulty Understanding Word Problems

4.3.2. Poor Overall Conceptual Understanding

4.3.3. Inability to Sort of Irrelevant Information

4.3.4. Inability to translate basic facts to complex calculations

4.3.5. Unable to Generalize Basic Concepts to New Problems

4.4. Writing Characteristics

4.4.1. Poor Writing Fluency

4.4.2. Difficulty Composing Complete, Grammatically Correct Sentences

4.4.3. Cannot Take Notes

4.4.4. Inability to Copy Information from Book or Board

4.5. Difficulty in Vocabulary Development

4.6. Reading Characteristics

4.6.1. Poor Decoding Skills

4.6.2. Poor Reading Fluency

4.6.3. Difficulty Remembering Ideas in Context

4.6.4. Weak Vocabulary

4.7. Spelling Characteristics

4.7.1. Frequent Spelling Errors

4.7.2. Inadequate Understanding of Phonics When Spelling

5. IEP Goals/Benchmarks

5.1. Math

5.1.1. Goal: Given grade level math problems, such as story problems or problems needing recall of several functions, Helena will score 80 percent. Benchmark: When given grade level math problems, such as story problems or problems needing recall of several function such as PEMDAS, she will score 54 percent in 9 weeks, 66 percent in 18 weeks, and 74 percent in 27 weeks.

5.2. Reading

5.2.1. Goal: Helena will able to remember complex ideas if given structured note-taking forms and read literary selections for a variety of geo-cultural groups and time-periods. Benchmark: Helena will use the strategic note-taking device and score 74 percent in 9 weeks, 77 percent in 18 weeks and 80 percent in 27 weeks on her higher level processing assignment.

6. Sources