Q3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Q3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback? by Mind Map: Q3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

1. When we first did our pitched our idea on how we would shoot or video. We first played the song that we would use to the audience and the song choice was liked so far by them. We also gave ideas for location, ideas an motifs. After pitching our idea the audience liked the idea of us using the blurry light effects because they said that the music is an R&B genre and the blurry lights effect would be good combination with that. When we were pitching we shared our idea of using slow-motion and fast forwarding. We said how we will use slow-motion in times where the characters are having flashbacks with a black and white filter. The audience suggested some videos to watch such the "Pharcyde" (I have included this in my other evaluation on my blogger) basically, the video is full of edits such as fast forwarding and rewinding. This helped us allot because it showed us where it was most suitable to use that effect.

2. Negative /Constructive feedback: The audience were concerned about our idea of using Morshed (our main actor) for the music video and not anyone else. We explained to them that having to use someone from the group will be more reliable and that there will be more dedication. Another point that the audience mentioned was that having Morshed act will reduce his effort in production. We took this comment and we made sure that Morshed had time to act and have time to be in the production whether that's editing, shooting different scenes that his not in. In theting. future if we ever do this type pf work again we will make sure that we have someone else acting for us perhaps someone from he drama department as they will be good at acting.

3. Print Products: The pitch for our print products was done on prezzi another technology that we used to present our work. The mane concern that we had was that some of the pictures we took would not be ideal cover page for our print product. The audience said that having Morshed topless in front of the cd cover will attract woman in some ways however, this will not be beneficial for our male audience. We took this feedback and decided that we leave our artist with clothes so that way both genders are attracted to the front cover. Although our target audience were mostly females that are aged from 16-30. We did not hesitate to tweek a small thing which we all know wouldn't make a big difference.

4. The feedback we got from showing unfinished parts of our music video was that. The audience suggested that we needed more footage of the couple instead of the effects that we add on in the studio. We needed to build a narrative that has a story instead of having loads of shots of just the make actor and shots in the studio. Taking this comment into account we decided to take more shots of the couple arguing in the park to aid the theme of breaking up and flashbacks on the good times between the two.