Project Analysis

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Project Analysis by Mind Map: Project Analysis

1. Phan tich chuc nang Messages cua Colabs

1.1. Message Invite

1.1.1. Project-Related (Group chat của dự án) invite colabs Đã là member của dự án Chưa là member của dự án invite sms

1.1.2. Not-related (Group chat ngoài dự án) Group invite colabs invite sms Thieu cai message convo cho group-chat Individual invite colabs invite sms

1.2. Screen

1.2.1. New Message To: add nhiều người thì sao vụ add project này không make sense lắm Từ project screens, nếu click vào tab message đầu tiên ra cái gì ? Gia su Type message vào đâu

1.2.2. Screen Kho instant suggestions: co kha thi khong?

2. FindaDoc

2.1. For Patient

2.2. For Doctor

3. Hirewriters

3.1. Notes

3.1.1. The website needs to be fully-responsive and mobile friendly.

3.2. Front-end

3.2.1. Site-wide Pages Homepage AboutUs Pricing Page FAQ page SignUp Page for writers/clients sign-up page for clients SignIn Page for writers/clients split login page Client profile edit and add macro instructions Writer profile page Privacy, Terms, Contact page Blog

3.2.2. Client's Logged-in Pages Dashboard Homepage dashboard homepage: dashboard homepage (alert messages, my dashboard statistics, news and updates, getting started guides) Payment module Paypal integration integration Add money page Payment/Cashout to writers Messaging module inbox page Send message page sent messages/trash messages Writers Search module writer search options & short writer view more detail writer view client adding notes for each writers Content order flow individual job type subscription type Order content now feature Project mangement flow Project view Review submitted articles fire the writers request a revision accept the articles download the article

3.2.3. Writer's Logged-in Pages Writing Contest 3 levels of writers: beginner, advanced, and expert Content market place Bid job Fixed price job private invitation to bid Content editor Copyspace plugin

3.3. Back-end

3.3.1. Affliate module

3.3.2. Admin module client/writer account management reviewing requests/notes between writers and clients Web content management accounts balance and adjustments adding promotion for both clients/writers edit clients' job infos reviewing/editting affliate information

4. Water Billing

4.1. Responsive web with very good functional mobile version

4.2. Mulitlingual sites: English and 4 local languages

4.3. Content Management

4.3.1. Video clips

4.3.2. Pictures

4.3.3. Blog posts

4.4. Payment module

4.4.1. Users can sign in and view the payment details

4.4.2. Users can make payment

4.4.3. Payment integration with iOnepay

4.5. Email Communication module

4.5.1. Sending emails for reminding users about due payment

4.5.2. Email for payment confirmation

4.6. User Management module

4.6.1. User sign-up/sign-in

4.6.2. User profile page

4.7. Admin module

4.7.1. Managing content

4.7.2. Managing users

4.7.3. Managing payment transactions

5. Gia San

5.1. Validation engine

5.1.1. Data dau vao chinh xac day du cap nhat chinh chu/dai ly uy thac Sources thong tin the chap ngan hang gia cac giao dich truoc kia

5.2. nhu cau nguoi dung

5.2.1. giao dien than thien

5.2.2. tim kiem thong tin nhanh va tien dia ly loai bds...

5.2.3. tuong tac trao doi thuan tien

5.2.4. an toan

5.2.5. co the dang ky mua online

5.2.6. 50% la

5.3. nguoi ban

5.3.1. cap nhat thuan tien

5.3.2. thong ke views/dat hang

5.3.3. quan ly comments khach hang

5.3.4. dich vu cho chien dich quang vao va tiep thi cua ho

5.4. Co them thong tin quy hoach cua tung khu vuc gan vao

5.5. So sanh cac properties

5.5.1. loai, vi tri, gia, tien nghi trong va ngoai

5.6. Data analytics

5.7. Co doi ngu lam content de phan tich sau hon ve bds

5.8. Research

5.8.1. Housing has: Rent,Resell, PG, Rental Agreements, Home Loans, Search among many others