Biggerplate Town Hall Hangout 4 Mar 2015

Mind map used during the monthly Town Hall Hangout hosted by Biggerplate on 4th March 2015. To learn about future events and hangouts, visit

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Biggerplate Town Hall Hangout 4 Mar 2015 by Mind Map: Biggerplate Town Hall Hangout 4 Mar 2015

1. Top Projects March 2015

1.1. Biggerplate Unplugged

1.1.1. Annual Mind Map Conference

1.1.2. London: 19 March 2015

1.1.3. Speakers iThoughts Craig Scott MindmAPPing: Developer perspective MindGenius Jamie MacDonald A more effective way of working ThinkBuzan David Svoboda Hack your presentation skills ExamTime Norman McBrien Best practice studying with mind maps Sharon Curry Fathomicity Leading with mind maps Mikko Arevuo Regent's University Improving group decision making Sergey Soloviev Brilliant Basics Inserting structure for project health Madeleine Philippe Maptelling Equipping students with lifelong skills

1.1.4. Interactive Sessions Awareness, Knowledge, Understanding The Future of Mapping Biggerplate Q & A

1.2. Biggerplate Brunch Club

1.2.1. Regional Meetings

1.2.2. Round Table Format

1.2.3. Max 10 People

1.2.4. Launching: April 2015 Brussels Amsterdam Others...

1.3. Ambassador Programme

1.3.1. Recognise community leaders

1.3.2. Provide community help

1.3.3. Promote use cases

1.3.4. Linked to Brunch Club

2. Q&A

2.1. Education Hangout: 12 March

2.2. Next Town Hall Hangout: 9th April

2.3. Questions & Feedback?

3. For more mind maps, visit