Effective Tools for Reading Comprehension

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Effective Tools for Reading Comprehension by Mind Map: Effective Tools for Reading Comprehension

1. Introduction

1.1. Definition of reading comprehension

1.2. Reading comprehension is something that many people of all ages struggle with mastering. There are a variety of tools and strategies for assisting various types of learners with this struggle.

1.3. Thesis statement: Finding the correct tools to make reading comprehension effective is one of the key facets of a true education.

2. Graphic Organizers

2.1. Story map

2.1.1. Define and explain story mapping.

2.1.2. What makes this type of graphic organizer effective?

2.1.3. Graphic of Story Map

2.2. KWL chart

2.2.1. Define KWL chart. Already know column Want to know column Learned column

2.2.2. What makes KWL effective

2.2.3. Graphic of KWL chart

2.3. The Five W's and the H of reading comprehension

2.3.1. define Who What Why Where When How

2.3.2. What makes this effective and still current

2.3.3. Graphic of a 5W&H chart.

3. Reciprocal Teaching

3.1. Define

3.2. Four strategies of reciprocal teaching and their explanations.

3.2.1. Summarizing

3.2.2. Question generating

3.2.3. Clarifying

3.2.4. Predicting

3.3. How is this strategy effective and for whom?

3.4. Video of Reciprocal teaching

4. Active Reading

4.1. Define

4.2. Breakdown the strategies of active reading

4.2.1. Explain the concept of visualizing

4.2.2. Explain the concept of clarifying

4.2.3. Explain the concept of questioning

4.2.4. Explain the concept of predicting

4.2.5. Explain the concept of connecting

4.2.6. Explain the concept of evaluating

4.3. This type of reading comprehension tool is useful for what type of student?

5. Conclusion

5.1. Tying the tools and strategies back to the thesis statement.