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Religions by Mind Map: Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. All Religions are different.

1.2. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions

1.3. There are many MANY different ways to worship a god in hudism

1.4. 1 day a year the Hindu's worship a day of siblings and the brother must protect the sisters no matter what and the other siblings tie a bracelet on the other siblings wrist and the other siblings does the same to the other sibling.

1.5. Hindu people must ring a bell before they pray to any god to tall the god that they are going to be there in their presents and worship them right there and then.

1.6. The Hindu's celerbrate a day for the gods and light candles and put it by their windows and at the darkest night of the year they float candles down a river and all over their house

1.7. life---------death---------rebirth------life this cycle goes on until the person meets a god certain god. then they stop doing the cycle because they meet that god and karma will come back to them good or bad if they keep doing the cycle.

1.8. in spring the Hindu's cerebrate spring by friends and family gather around and get different colored water paint and dust slashed on them.

1.9. the Caste system has not changed and it is still in some parts of India but not all parts of India

1.10. The writing of Hinduism is called Sanskrit

2. Buddism

2.1. 6% of the worlds Religion is Buddism

2.2. The teachings of Buddha spread very far and very far away from Sudarta's home town

2.3. Sudarta a prince got rid of mostly everything to feel how the homeless felt with really nothing.

2.4. There are people still to this day teaching Buddism.

2.5. There are the 4 noble truths you must follow and you can find you inner peace

2.6. There is also the 8 fold path you must follow so you can reach Nirvana. but once you reach nirvana you must still fallow the 4 noble truths and the 8 fold path.

2.7. There are 2 types of Buddhism.

2.8. The main goal of Buddhism is to reach nirvana

2.9. The Lotus Flower is equal to Enlightenment

2.10. O-Bon is celebrated in Japan

2.11. Vosak celebrates the life the death and the reborn of the Buddha.

3. Judiasm

3.1. 5 million people are Jews in the world.

3.2. 1st major manotheistick

3.3. Moses retrieves the power from the God himself

3.4. Jews were often robbed and killed by Christians

3.5. Many people hates Jews

3.6. 6 million Jews died from the Holocaust

3.7. The Torah is a book that tells the Journey of all the Jews life if they follow the 10 comanments

3.8. A Shoul is a place for worship / A Shinaguag is their chruch

3.9. A Sabbath are the worship services

3.10. A Cantor is the person who makes the speeches at the church like temples

3.11. A Tallit is a type of cloth they wear

3.12. A Kipah is something you wear on your head that is very holy to the Jews

3.13. The 10 commandments were very special because they had to follow this and if they didn't they would let their God down

3.14. The Orthodox, Reform, and the Conservative is the name(s) of all the types of Jews

4. Christianity

4.1. Largest Religion in the WORLD!

4.2. Practiced by more than 2 MILLION people in the world!

4.3. Monotheism is the belief in only one god and Christians are Manotheistic

4.4. Crucifixion is what happened to Jesus, Crucifixion is when you got nailed to a wooden plank and got killed by other people

4.5. Christianity was spread to many other countries so that mean Christianity is all around the world

4.6. A Pope is the highest of the highs of leaders to Christianity

4.7. All Christians believe in only 1 god

4.8. Christians only pray directly to god himself never to another saint to give to god

4.9. Priests Baptist babies so the babies are welcomed to god himself

4.10. Confirmation is for older kids 12-16 yrs old and this is to tell god that you will stay with them their whole life until they are 18 or 19 then they will have the choiceto stay if they want

4.11. Christmas is a christian Holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus

4.12. Easter is to celebrate the death of Jesus

5. Islam

5.1. Mahaman Died in the year 622

5.2. Mahaman message spread all around

5.3. The Islams made Algrebra

5.4. The Islams must visit a holy place once in their life time

5.5. Wudu means that you must wash your hands before visiting a place to pray

5.6. Hijab is a piece of cloth for girls to wear so they hide their hair/ don't show their hair in public or to random people

5.7. A Tijiah is the same thing as a Hijab bu for a guy instead of a girl

5.8. Their are no pictures or paintings in a worship place their are writing on the walls fro the Holly Book

5.9. 10% of the Islam society is called Sheria

5.10. Islams meaning of life is Joy and to be kind and nice to anyone in the world because everyone is equal in their eyes