Learning Environments

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Learning Environments by Mind Map: Learning Environments

1. Computer Stations

1.1. Students conduct research, use interactive educational games, and collaborate on PBL.

1.1.1. Advantages-Students have access totechnology.

1.1.2. Disadvantages- Limited access based on rotation.

2. Cloud Computing

2.1. Teacher can collaborate with students,can collaborate with students

2.1.1. Advantages-Can access information anytime and any place.

2.1.2. Disadvantages-If the Internet goes down, no none has access.

3. Blended Learning/Flipped Classrooms

3.1. 24/7 lessons, repeatedly watch videos, e-books

3.1.1. Advantages-Students benefit from face-to face instruction and online instruction..

3.1.2. Disadvantages- May have access issues.

4. One Computer

4.1. Students can use for enrichment. , remediation, e-books, and educational interactive games

4.1.1. Advantages-It is better than not having a computer available..

4.1.2. Disadvantages-Very limiting.

5. B.Y.O.D.

5.1. Students can use for student response system, e-books, reflective practice journaling.

5.1.1. Advantages-Less expensive for the school.

5.1.2. Disadvantages-Equity concerns and increased distractions.

6. No computer by design

6.1. Students use more face-to-face communication, collaboration and hands-on activities.

6.1.1. Advantages-Less expensive

6.1.2. Disadvantages-No need to troblshoot.

7. Interactive Whiteboards

7.1. Use student responders for formative assessments, web quests, and interactive lessons.

7.1.1. Can easily check for understanding.

7.1.2. Disadvantages- Very expensive.

8. Online Learning

8.1. 24/7 Lessons, access expert guest, and repeatedly watch videos.

8.1.1. Advantages-flexible scheduling.

8.1.2. Disadvantages-Less face to face interactions.

9. Tablet Computing

9.1. Students can access e-books, collaborate with students, individualize instruction.

9.1.1. Advantages-All students have access.

9.1.2. Disadvantages-The programs might not work that students need.

10. One-to-one

10.1. Students use for I-Ready, webquests and PBL

10.1.1. Advantages-All students have access

10.1.2. Disadvantages- Students may not have access at home..