Shelby Foyer's Biography

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Shelby Foyer's Biography by Mind Map: Shelby Foyer's Biography

1. Childhood

1.1. Born in Indinapolis, Indiana on Feb 16, 1995

1.2. 3 sisters Brooke, Jordan, and Whitney

1.3. I was a tomboy when I was younger. I only hung out with the boys

2. Education

2.1. Heritage Christian School K-6

2.2. Clay Middle School 7-8

2.3. Carmel High School 9-12

2.4. University of Central Florida 2013-2016

3. Interests

3.1. Savior. I live my life to make my Kings name known because He died so that I may live!

3.2. Sports. I have played every sport imaginable and have spent more of my life on a field or a court than most other places

3.3. Sewing. I learned to sew in 8th grade and have loved it ever since!