Content-based Interactive Tools

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Content-based Interactive Tools by Mind Map: Content-based Interactive Tools


1.1. Advantages

1.1.1. Can easily be customised

1.1.2. A variety of videos to choose from

1.1.3. Makes "flipping the classroom" super easy

1.1.4. gives teachers an exciting new way to extend learning beyond classroom hours

1.1.5. students do not need to log in to use Ted-Ed

1.1.6. it's FREE!!!

1.1.7. autosave function: flips in progress

1.2. Disadvantages

1.2.1. limited primarily to video content

1.2.2. video lessons available may not cater to all subjects

1.3. Features

1.3.1. teachers can customise video lessons/create one from scratch

1.3.2. Online interactive video lesson tools

1.3.3. Teachers can add mcqs/short questions related to the video to prompt discussion

1.3.4. DIG DEEPER: Interesting links to articles, blogs and other references can be embedded within the lesson

1.3.5. Teachers can track whether students have watched the videos + progress

1.3.6. extensive library of video lessons

1.3.7. Videos are categorised according to subjects c

1.3.8. Lessons can be shared via social websites/email

1.4. Resources



1.5. Suggestions


1.6. VIDEO


2. Brainstorming Tools

2.1. Mural,ly

2.1.1. Features Private murals Everyone in one place. Invite and assign permissions one by one share an invite link. Auto-Save & Backups backup regularly export for record Comments and @Mentions around any section of a mural Activity Feed and Chat Everything added and changed inside a mural is logged to let everyone understand what changed.

2.1.2. Pros Team members can collect information in one place, organize all the thoughts combine different ideas and disciplines Lots of evidence of planning and audience, more to show the audience .

2.1.3. Cons Sometimes too much going on, murals looks unprofessional Not enough space Flexible space : technical problems Need paid subscription to collaborate real-time

2.1.4. Tutorial

2.1.5. Resources Rajanhanda Slideshare at : review blog at : official website at : tutorial videos at:

2.2. GroupZap

2.2.1. Features nurture creativity via online collaboration and brainstorming

2.2.2. Pros no download, installation or even sign up required upload files and images facilitates brainstorming entire session can be recorded and played back afterwards easy to use

2.2.3. Cons permanent version = paid version cannot upload more than 100MB share similarity as Padlet free version = information x available after 23 hours paid version = information x available after 7 days

2.2.4. tutorial

2.2.5. resources BUSINESS - WEB SERVICES AND SOFTWARE Online collaboration: new tools!

3. Assessment Tools

3.1. EdPuzzle

3.1.1. Pros use for assessment its FREE custom or youtube videos record over the whole length of the video - short video recommended embedded feature real time student progress view text insert is available

3.1.2. Cons break activities into chuncks - videos have to be edited before use audio lay on single channel audio lay the whole video before it could be saved Needs high speed internet connectivity

3.1.3. Tutorial

3.1.4. Features suitable for assessment best use with chrome browser can quickly administer quiz, comment and question students will enjoy learning while watching the video

3.1.5. Resources

3.2. Educannon

3.2.1. Resources

3.2.2. Pros Need little know-how for teachers Can easily add question into video Students can do homework Embedded assessments encourage active participation

3.2.3. Cons Only few features than comparable free tools Some student could put off by too many breaks in a video

4. Collaboration Tools

4.1. Conceptboard

4.1.1. Features Concept-board Features : 1. Flexible workspaces – use multiple device, any place, insert your materials, share files. 2. Real-time collaboration – online chat or discussion. 3. Centralized your content using one platform 4. Streamline your project – everyone involved sees everything on one board. 5. Integrates all content applications in one place.

4.1.2. PlusPoints A Visual representation of ideas. It will be fun and fast to use if you know what you are doing Gives a list of the history of what you have done, so it is helpful (if you find yourself lost).

4.1.3. NegativePoints Not very user friendly Tutorial doesnt walk you through the steps...too fast and uses shortcuts which are not visible to the audience. Doesnt work when trying, esp when draging image from the web confusion when uploading. Upload document not upload file. good for professional use and may be more challenging for education

4.1.4. Tutorials

4.1.5. Resources

4.2. Voicethread


4.2.2. Tutorials

5. Aggregation Tools

5.1. Blendspace

5.1.1. Cons

5.1.2. Features

5.1.3. Tutorial

5.1.4. Resources

5.1.5. Pros 1. Design is great

5.2. Storify

5.2.1. What is Storify?

5.2.2. Features

5.2.3. Pros

5.2.4. Cons

5.2.5. Tutorials

5.2.6. Resources