Oracle e-Business Suite Inventory to Replenish

Inventory to Replenish business flow for Oracle e-Business Suite, major, minor, niche and adjacent topics

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Oracle e-Business Suite Inventory to Replenish by Mind Map: Oracle e-Business Suite Inventory to Replenish

1. Technical Niche

1.1. Transaction Open Interface

2. R12 distinctive advantages

3. R12.2 distinctive features

3.1. HTML interface

3.2. AIA integrations

3.3. Endeca Extensions

4. Major functionality

4.1. Inventory

4.1.1. Items classification Finished Goods Raw Materials Spare Parts Services Sub-Assemblies Container/Truck types Finished Goods ATO model Kit Model Option Class PTO model Freight Phantom Outside Processing PLanning Purchasing item Supply item Categories Purchasing Item Categories Material Status Lifecycle prototype released /rampup production /live discontinued/ rampdown obsolete Attribute Groups Main Inventory BOM Costing Asset Management Purchasing Planning Manufacturing Order Management Service Invoicing Web Units of measure Conversions Class Cross Reference Reference type Customer Item MFG part number

4.1.2. Transactions Transfer Interorg Issue shipment miscelaneous Move Order Subinventory Pick Release Sources Account/Account Alias Sales order/Internal Order Internal Requisition Purchase Order RMA Move Order Job/Schedule Cost Update Cycle Count/Phisical Inventory

4.1.3. Replenishment MinMax Reorder Point Kanban

4.1.4. Control levels Revision Serial Number Lot Number Locator Based

4.1.5. Intercompany Flows

4.1.6. Receiving Direct Standard Inspection Expense Period Expense Accruals Unordered

4.1.7. Organizations Classification Subinventories storage receiving Locators Rack, Shelf, Bin Project, Task Shipping Network

4.1.8. Rules ATP forecast picking pick slip group

4.2. Cost Management

4.2.1. elements Material Material Overhead Resource Overhead Outside Processing

4.2.2. Costing Method Standard Average Period Average FIFO LIFO

4.3. Bills of Materials

5. Adjacent Areas

5.1. Manufacturing

5.1.1. Discrete Mfg (WIP) Outside Processing

5.1.2. Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM)

5.2. Planning

5.2.1. Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)

5.2.2. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

5.3. Oracle Assets

5.4. Enterprise Asset Maintenance (EAM)

5.5. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

5.6. Landed Cost Management (LCM)

5.7. Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA)

5.8. Order Management

5.9. Purchasing

5.10. General Ledger

5.10.1. Ledger Sets SLA

6. Minor functionality

6.1. Consigned/VMI

6.2. Movement Statistics

6.3. Inter-Org Transfers

6.4. ABC Analysis

6.5. Material Shortages Alerts