Oracle e-Business Suite Requisition to Source

Requisition to Source business flow for Oracle e-Business Suite, major, minor, niche and adjacent topics

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Oracle e-Business Suite Requisition to Source by Mind Map: Oracle e-Business Suite Requisition to Source

1. Major Functionality

1.1. sourcing documents

1.1.1. RFQ

1.1.2. RFI

1.1.3. Auction

1.2. Style

1.2.1. Open see price, but not supplier identity

1.2.2. Blind all sealed to suppliers

1.2.3. Sealed all sealed during negotiations, all open after awarded

1.3. Business flow

1.3.1. Purchasing Requisition Pool Demand workbench

1.3.2. Sourcing Draft Sourcing Documents Communicate to Supplier List Rank responses Award negotiation

1.3.3. Binding Agreement Blanket PO Contract PO Global Agreement

1.3.4. Supplier Discovery

1.4. Administration

1.4.1. Buyer Sourcing Super User

1.4.2. Supplier Sourcing Supplier

1.4.3. Cost Factors Insurance Administrative Overhead Support Warranty Freight Duty Demurrage Supplier Onboarding

1.4.4. Price breaks

1.4.5. Notification Subscription Buyer Negotiation Approval Negotiation open Collaboration Team, Task Completed Online Discussion, Message Sent to Buyer Response Submitted Award Approval Supplier New Round Online Discussion, Message Sent to Supplier Negotation Response Disqualifiacation Award Decision

1.4.6. Negotiation Terms and Conditions

2. Adjacent Areas

3. Minor Functionality

3.1. Supplier Discovery

3.2. Multiple Round negotiations

4. Technical Niche

4.1. Enterprise Name

4.1.1. APPL_TOP/.../SQL/POSENTUP.sql

4.2. Profile Options

4.2.1. PO: Allow Autocreation of Oracle Sourcing Documents YES

4.2.2. PO: Display Autocreated Documents YES

4.2.3. PON: Enable Sourcing Award Approval NO

4.2.4. PON: Automatically Default Catalog Attributes ALL

4.2.5. POS: External URL

4.3. Sourcing Requirement Sections



5. R12 distinctive advantages