Oracle e-Business Suite iSupplier

iSupplier, PO Acceptance to ASN/Receipt business flow for Oracle e-Business Suite, major, minor, niche and adjacent topics

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Oracle e-Business Suite iSupplier by Mind Map: Oracle e-Business Suite iSupplier

1. R12 distinctive advantages

2. Major Functionality

2.1. Business flow

2.1.1. Purchase Order Acceptance Acceptance Required level Document Document & Shipment None Terms & Conditions on PO header

2.1.2. Purchase Order Change Request attributes Price Promise Date Quantity

2.1.3. Advance Shipment Notice (ASN)

2.1.4. Payables Invoicing

2.2. Administration

2.2.1. Supplier Registration responsibility: Supplier User Administration Acces level Portal full access Sourcing Supplier Supply Chain Collaboration Planner Supplier Profile Manager Plan to Pay Supplier View Securing Attribute ICX_SUPPLIER_ORG_ID

2.2.2. Responsibilities iSupplier Portal Full Access Procure to Pay Supplier View Plan to Pay Supplier View Source to Pay Supplier View Supplier User Administration Supplier Profile Manager Source, Plan, Pay Supplier View iSupplier Portal Internal View

2.2.3. Functional Security Work Orders RFQ Quality Order Modifiers Capacity Shipment Schedules Consigned Inventory AP Invoicing

3. Adjacent Areas

3.1. Purchasing

3.2. Inventory

3.3. Payables

3.4. Collaborative Planning

4. Minor Functionality

4.1. Forecast Schedules

4.2. Consigned Inventory

5. Technical Niche

5.1. Profile Options

5.2. Application Short name

5.3. Concurrent programs

5.4. Responsibilties

5.5. Securing Attributes

5.5.1. ICX_SUPPLER_ORG_ID vendor

5.5.2. ICX_SUPPLER_SITE_ID vendor site

5.5.3. ICX_SUPPLER_CONTACT_ID vendor contact

5.6. Workflows

5.6.1. Supplier Change order Workflow

5.6.2. ASN workflow

5.6.3. PO Acknowledgement