Oracle e-Business Suite iExpenses

Oracle e-Business Suite, iExpenses, Expense to Reimbursement business flow for Oracle e-Business Suite, major, minor, niche and adjacent topics

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Oracle e-Business Suite iExpenses by Mind Map: Oracle e-Business Suite iExpenses

1. Minor Functionality

1.1. foreign currency expenses

1.1.1. multiple reimbursement currencies

1.2. Credit Card integration

1.3. Oracle Approval Management

2. Technical Niche

2.1. Profile Options

2.2. Application Short name

2.2.1. OIE Oracle Internet Expenses

2.3. Concurrent programs

2.3.1. Expense Report Import Program

2.4. Responsibilties

2.5. Securing Attributes

2.6. Workflows

2.6.1. Expense Workflow

3. R12 distinctive advantages

4. Major Functionality

4.1. Business flow

4.2. Administration

4.2.1. templates

4.2.2. offline excel excel spreadsheet

4.2.3. credit card statements

4.2.4. Approval Routing Go Direct To Sufficient level One Approval then go Direct Go through Management Chain

4.3. Internal Control

4.3.1. Policies Validation of justification and purpose

4.3.2. Limits Per diem and mileage calculations

4.3.3. Finance Audit

4.3.4. Validation of Receipt Copies

4.4. Features

4.4.1. Expense Itemization Rules per expense type

4.4.2. Withdraw unapproved Expense report

4.4.3. Duplicate Expense Report

4.4.4. Descriptive flexfields

5. Adjacent Areas

5.1. Payables

5.2. Oracle Projects

5.3. Oracle Grants Accounting

5.4. Human Resources