Supply Chain Sales and Operations

Supply Chain Sales and Operations business flow for Oracle e-Business Suite, major, minor, niche and adjacent topics

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Supply Chain Sales and Operations by Mind Map: Supply Chain Sales and Operations

1. Minor Functionality

2. Technical Niche

2.1. Demantra RT S&OP

3. Major Functionality

3.1. Business Flows

3.1.1. Demand Review

3.1.2. Supply Review

3.1.3. Pre-S&OP review single version of data driven truth prepare exceptions

3.1.4. S&OP mitigate exceptions evaluate global business impact prepare recommendations

3.1.5. Executive S&OP review global business impact mitigate escalated risks

3.2. Agenda

3.2.1. Sales Review sales orders forecast

3.2.2. Inventory Review reservations backorders

3.2.3. Supply Review Purchase Orders Intransit Planned Orders

3.2.4. Products Outliers New Items Obsolete Items

3.2.5. Financials

3.3. Internal Control

3.4. Trading entities

3.5. Features

3.5.1. single set of numbers

4. Adjacent Areas

4.1. Sales Forecasting

4.2. Supply Planning

4.3. Production Scheduling

4.4. Order Management

4.5. NPD

4.6. Supplier Performance Management