mental map of Basic English

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mental map of Basic English by Mind Map: mental map of Basic English

1. Spelling Verbs

1.1. accept

1.1.1. borrow cancel draw

1.2. explain

1.2.1. find go hear

1.3. jab

1.3.1. know learn maintain

1.4. organize

1.4.1. pay quake reply

1.5. talk

1.5.1. umpire vacate watch

1.6. yank

1.6.1. zip

2. Singular and Plural Prayers In

2.1. 1 -Hi! My name is Mary Elizabeth. I am nine years old. (Mary Elizabeth)

2.2. 2 -My mother's name is Andrea. she is wearing an orange skirt. (Andrea)

2.3. 3 -My dad wears glasses he is an engineer and his name is Anthony. (Anthony)

2.4. 4 -Sammy is my brother is he seven years old. (Sammy)

2.5. 5 -My grandparents are visiting us they are very nice. (Grandparents)

2.6. 6 -Our dog is a Labrador is it a big dog.

2.7. 7 -We live in South Carolina. (Mary Elizabeth, Sammy and their parents)

2.8. 8 -My grandparents live in Florida but they often visit us. (My grandparents)

2.9. 9 -It is not very far from South Carolina. (Florida)

2.10. 10 - We love when our grandparents came to visit us! (Mary Elizabeth and Sammy)

3. Are you on time?

3.1. What's the time? Its half past three

3.2. What time is it? It is one o´clock

3.3. What time is it? Its ten hours and ten minutes

3.4. What time it is? Are five past eight

3.5. What time it is? It is six to thirty-eight minutes

3.6. What time it is? It is seven o´clock

3.7. What time is it? Its three hours and ten minutes

3.8. What time it is? It is five past five

3.9. What time it is? it´s half past seven

4. I am wearing


5. Presente Progresibo

6. mienbros de la famalia

7. There is/There are

8. jobs