Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) business flow for Oracle e-Business Suite, major, minor, niche and adjacent topics

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Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS) by Mind Map: Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

1. Minor Functionality

2. Technical Niche

2.1. Profile Options

2.2. Application Short name

2.3. Concurrent programs

2.4. Responsibilties

2.5. Securing Attributes

2.6. Workflows

2.7. Tables

3. R12 distinctive advantages

4. Major Functionality

4.1. Advanced Features

4.1.1. Usability Advanced Task Framework Packing Workbench RFID compliance MHE Integration GUI for Mobile

4.1.2. Inventory Convergence WMS for Process Industries Planned Crossdocking Labor Management Locator Check Digits Flexible label field definition Task Management Automation

4.1.3. OTM integration Forward Pick Replenishment "kanban" for packing area Mobile Perosnalization Dock Scheduling Integration with OTM Load Sequencing Task Extensibility

4.1.4. Component Architecture Wave PLanning Advanced Cartonization UCC-128 Compliance Enhancement Decentrilized WMS WMS for LSPs Yard Management

4.1.5. Value Added Services Slotting Multi Step Picking Value Added Services Standard Pack in Storage Labor and Resource Planning

4.2. Business Functions

4.2.1. LPN status

4.2.2. Cartonization

4.2.3. Replenishment

4.2.4. Case Picking

4.2.5. Dock Scheduling

4.2.6. Load Sequencing

4.2.7. Mobile Perosnalization

4.3. Architecture

4.4. Internal Control

4.5. Trading entities

5. Adjacent Areas

5.1. Oracle Transportation Management

5.2. Yard Management

5.3. Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA)