Student Retention & Effective Strategies for Promoting Personal Success

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Student Retention & Effective Strategies for Promoting Personal Success by Mind Map: Student Retention & Effective Strategies for Promoting Personal Success

1. What do we mean by retention?

1.1. The ability to maintain or hold onto the knowledge acquired.

2. What are some effective strategies that we can use?

2.1. Technology

2.1.1. Almost every where we go technology is available to us. The internet is a great source of information if we learn how to filter information to learn what is factual.

2.1.2. The amount of information that can be processed through the use of computers allows us to look up information at speeds that was unheard of 20 years ago.

2.1.3. Many tools are available such as Word processors and office applications that can help us do our work in creative ways.

2.2. Discipline

2.2.1. Developing self discipline and the importance of maintaining it. Understanding that the work doesn't get done on its own

2.2.2. Learning and understanding the importance of knowing when to give yourself breaks and when to reward yourself.

2.2.3. Establishing good habits, eating healthy and creating a good work environment.

2.3. Time Management

2.3.1. Learning how to use our time effectively.

2.3.2. Planning for the future and setting goals.

2.3.3. Prioritizing tasks. What is important and what is not.

3. Introduction

4. Main Body

5. Personal Success

5.1. To become successful one must become involved. There are many resources we can use but they are all useless if we do not use them. One example would be the use campus resources. We are asked to participate in weekly discussions in order to become involved, this may seem a bit tedious but we must understand that a persons actions are influenced by the individual and his environment. By becoming involved we are integrating ourselves in a group of people with a common goal, thus pushing us towards our personal success.

6. Conclusion

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