Politics of Education

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Politics of Education by Mind Map: Politics of Education

1. Liberal Perspective

1.1. The Liberal Perspective is concerned primarily with balancing the economic productivity of capitalism with the social and economic needs of the majority of people in the US.

1.1.1. The Liberal view has its origins in the twentieth century, in the works of the US philosopher John Dewey, and , historically, in the progressive era of US politics.

1.1.2. Founded on ideas of liberty and equality.

2. Progressive

2.1. Progressive visions tend to view the schools as central to solving social problems, as a vehicle for upward mobility, as essential to the development of individual potential, and as an integral part of a democratic society.

2.1.1. Progressives believe the schools should be part of the steady progress to make things better.

2.1.2. The role of the school is a central focus of each of the perspectives and is at the heart of their differing analysis.