Technology Enables Learning

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Technology Enables Learning by Mind Map: Technology Enables Learning

1. Benefits for Students

1.1. provides a "break" from traditional methods that are disliked by many students

1.2. allows for greater accessibility to learning and assignments when away from the learning environment

1.3. allows for collaboration and expedient communication with peers and teachers

1.4. prepares students for evolving 21st Century careers that are reliant on technology

1.5. allows greater autonomy in learning

2. Benefits for Educators

2.1. allows teachers to assume a "guide" role instead of always being the center of the instruction taking place

2.2. greater opportunities exist for reaching more students due to higher student engagement when technology is used

2.3. provides additional avenues to pursue when attempting to differentiate instruction

2.4. allows teachers to remain on a more "literate" level with regard to technology

3. Benefits for Society

3.1. helps produce a better-prepared global workforce

3.2. fosters a culture of willingness to learn and try new tools and processes

3.3. allows for further enhancement of technical and innovative skills

3.4. provides greater opportunities for interaction among academic environments regardless of location

4. Obstacles for Consideration

4.1. high cost of technological tools and programs

4.2. resistance of educators, parents, and some students

4.3. striking a balance between use of technology to enhance traditional learning versus use of technology to replace traditional learning

4.4. very difficult to completely integrate in a short amount of time, resulting in frustration (and, sometimes, a lack of "buy in")