OMEN - Crowfall

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OMEN - Crowfall by Mind Map: OMEN - Crowfall

1. Ranks

1.1. Guild Leader

1.1.1. Ultimately all final decisions are made or ratified by the guild leader. Feedback presented by all members in a respectful manner is read, listened to and considered. It plays a large part in the decision making process. Destinations

1.2. Guild Elder

1.2.1. This officer is second in command. If a decision has to be made when the Guild Leader is not available, (s)he will make it. The Elder helps managing the day-to-day activities, administration, maintenance and logistics.

1.3. Commander

1.3.1. In Charge of the Core Fighters and its divisions and main tactician on the battlefield. Destinations

1.4. Advisor

1.4.1. This officer focuses on the general membership and is the guild recruiting officer.

1.5. Quartermaster

1.5.1. Management of resources, armor, weapons and other things is vital for our survival. The importance of our guild being well-provisioned falls on the shoulder of this officer. This is the Core Services officer.

2. Divisions

2.1. General Membership

2.1.1. General membership is not aligned with any of the internal factions or sub-guilds but is fluid within the guild as a whole, moving to what is needed or wanted

2.2. Core Services

2.2.1. Core Services is the backbone of the guild. This division will focus on supplies and doing the behind the scenes work, building, crafting, scouting. It is not an exclusive group but a focus.

2.3. Core Fighters

2.3.1. The Core Fighters will be the group that does the daily pvping of our guild. It is not exclusive to the other members but more of a focus group