Online Learning for Those With Different Learning Styles

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Online Learning for Those With Different Learning Styles by Mind Map: Online Learning for Those With Different Learning Styles

1. Audio ideas

1.1. Mp3 lectures

1.1.1. A short lecture on the topic of the week.

1.2. Audio text book

1.2.1. Audio version of the textbook.

2. Hands on activitys

2.1. Step by step experiments

2.1.1. Instructional guide for experiments to help understand the topic.

2.2. Interactive progams

2.2.1. Programs that help put things into steps to understand them better.

3. Visual materials

3.1. Video lectures

3.1.1. Short lecture given by the teacher.

3.2. Video explanations

3.2.1. Deep explanation of an important topic.

3.3. Experiments/Labs

3.3.1. Clip of an experiment related to the given topic.

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5. Conclusion

5.1. Each person needs different resources to be able to learn the best way they possibly can. Online learning makes it harder for teachers to cater to those who need the different style and harder for students to have access to these materials.