Research Findings

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Research Findings by Mind Map: Research Findings

1. Institutional Context and Professional

2. BlumHouse

2.1. This production company are American and are known for creating horror movies. Blum House was first come into the movie industry during 2000 which was founded by Jason Blum. Although this production company creates horror films we seemed to like their logos since it fits well with overall theme we are going for. They do thriller films as well such as “The Gift “which is a film about a man who is stalking a family. In addition this production company makes low –budget films meaning it will fit well because we obviously don’t have the resources to make a blockbuster hit. The thrillers they do make tend to fit the theme of the protagonist constantly being watched or be followed. However they do make comedy films but it is rare in comparison to horror and thriller. If we use this company we are going to use it by putting their logo in the beginning of the trailer after the “MPAA” screen so that the audience knows that this film is going to be somewhat creepy and there is a dark tone from the start.

3. Legal and Ethical Issues

3.1. Within a film there are a lot of things to consider before you are able to distribute it. These include age rating within a film. Since this film is a teen thriller we are going to make it a 15 however I am going to look into the other age certification in order to gain an understanding of how the system works. If a film is a 12A then it shouldn’t have a dark tone within the film since that is the requirement for a film that is a 15 or 18. Another aspect which needs to be considered when making a 12A is the use of swearing. If swearing is used in a way which is seen as aggressive then it is changed to a 15 but there are certain words which can be used within a 12A. Sexual aspects is also a thing that should be considered however we are very positive that there isn’t going to be any sorts sexual references since it would ruin the tone of the thriller we are aiming to show. However discrimination is an aspect that we shouldn’t really include within the film because it wouldn’t fit . On the other side if a film contains any of these following content; strong violence, drug taking, frequent strong language. These are things that we are more likely to include within the film. However the main aspect that should be considered when we are making this trailer is just the tones of the films because we don’t want to tell the narrative of the film through a lot of speech but through other styles.

4. Reliability

4.1. When we begin the process of filming a lot of things should be considered. It is unlikely that we are going to act in our own trailers since the characters we are trying to portray cannot be executed well if we act in it. This being said we are going to find actor/actresses to be in our trailers. Organisation is needed for this because we need to rely on the actors/actresses in order to film our scenes to its best potential. To avoid any problems we need to make a schedule and make sure the people we choose have similar timetables as us or are able to shoot scenes when it is needed. Furthermore since we are using the school equipment in terms of camera and tripods we need to rely on each other to make sure that each person is in charge of an area regarding equipment.

5. Signs and Signifiers

5.1. In a thriller film the signs and signifiers adds to the narrative to the story since it gives extra information to the audience without having to use dialogue. This could include using props which can have an important role in the story for example if we do narrative about bullying of some sorts the main signifier will be the mobile phone because it has a symbolic effect to the story. The mobile phone is what causes the bullying meaning it can be prevented by not using the phone. Using this knowledge of objects playing a role in movies we can try and tell the narrative through various cutaways of the objects which are important e.g. a knife if there is murderer within our story or glasses if the main protagonist is wearing glasses. Furthermore we found that the certain use of dialogue can have a contrast in the story for example when the main characters say “ This is great “ just before the turning point it adds to the intensity because we know something is going to happen to them but they don’t.